The CDU postpones the struggle for power


In the end there was no rebellion. As soon as the federal congress began, the president of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, stifled any plot of conspiracy against her with a combative speech to the offensive hour and a half that culminated in a challenge: « If you think that the path I want to follow is not the path you want to follow, we discuss that right now. And let's finish once and for all. Here and now: today ». It was an indirect way to put his position as leader of the German Conservative Party at the disposal of the thousand delegates gathered at the Leipzig Trade Fair and to demand that his rivals show their faces. "Otherwise, it is time here and today to roll up your sleeves and start working," said Kramp-Karrenbauer, AKK for the Germans, at the end of his speech.

The audience initially reacted with a silence of surprise, but dismissed its president with a standing ovation that lasted long minutes. Before, AKK had addressed without mentioning its main rival, the economic expert Friedrich Merz, to criticize those who censor its work, that of the party leadership and that of the Government of Berlin itself, led for almost three years by the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. "There have been and are 14 good years for Germany and we can all be proud of it," said the president of the CDU, when it has not yet been a year since she assumed that responsibility and defeated the ambitious Merz in the election for office . He had criticized and described as "caveman" the work of the Executive after the recent regional elections in Thuringia, in which the conservatives had disastrous results.

Fight for the succession of Merkel in the federal congress of the CDU

Criticize and say that everything is wrong "is not a successful electoral strategy" and speculate about positions and the leadership of the formation "are not debates in which we should participate, do not let ourselves be ruined," said AKK, who said who wants to be "president of a party that makes an extraordinary policy for the future". The conservative leader's speech insisted on the value of commitment in politics, with the center and moderation as guides. Kramp-Karrenbauer stressed that his training should be able to offer solutions to specific problems. The country needs "welfare for all and not charity for all," said the president of the CDU, for which the social benefits offered by Germany must go through a technical control in the style of the ITV. AKK reaped the greatest applause with statements such as "there is only one union of values, the CDU of Germany."

Strive for leadership

No less expected was the subsequent intervention of Merz himself, who not only gave up a pulse with the leader, but praised his work and called his speech "sincere and brave." Disarmed by the AKK challenge, the controversial representative of the most conservative wing of the CDU publicly expressed his "loyalty to the president of the formation, to the leadership of the party and to the federal government, which we have been leading for 14 years." He added that it is not "about me or any other tracing reasons attributed to me." Friedrich Merz stressed that the message of the CDU congress in Leipzig should leave the message that Christian Democrats will assume their responsibility for Germany in the coming years in the same way they have done in recent decades.

Friedrich Merz, during his speech at the Leipzig event.
Friedrich Merz, during his speech at the Leipzig event. / AFP

Meanwhile, the thousand Christian Democratic delegates seem to have assumed that their party is in a transitional phase. Merkel has ceased to be the decisive leading figure and does not want to remain so either. Kramp-Karrenbauer has assumed his witness in the party, also determined to do so at the headquarters of the Government, but his successes are lean and criticism against him does not cease, especially from some influential sectors of his formation as the Young Union, the Conservative youths, or the expert experts, who doubt their leadership capacity.

The bottom line is how to handle the legacy of the federal chancellor. Of course, the fight for the leadership of the CDU and the candidacy for the chancellery is not over, it has only been postponed. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has a year to become strong. Until the next congress, in which the elections of 2021 will be the central theme. Merz is a patient man who knows that now is not the time. He will be lurking until then. «No, this congress will not bring definitive decisions. We are at the beginning of the process and surely not at its end, ”he warned.

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