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The celebrity guide on how NOT to dress for Halloween

Heidi Klum was annoyed by members of a religious community. Do not be Heidi Klum. (Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images)

Nothing heralds Halloween like a celebrity wearing or defending an offensive costume this year.

The rules are pretty simple. There are only three: Do not dress as a dead version of an actual dead. Avoid cultural and offensive stereotypes. And for the love of everything, do not lather up your white face with black or brown paint.

Every year these rules are obviously ignored by someone in our celebrity culture – and that's bizarre if you think about it. How is it possible that celebrities never stop looking for blackface paint, buying blackface paint, applying blackface paint, and actually wearing blackface paint, saying, "You know what that's probably not the best idea and maybe I should just dress up as a pumpkin or something. "

Fortunately for us others, these celebrities have given us several examples over the years Not get dressed for Halloween. Here are some of the lessons.

If you want to dress like a dead celebrity, do not refer to the death method in your costume.

This seems pretty obvious, but if someone dies in a hospital and you want to dress up as that person, you may not be wearing a hospital gown. This principle had apparently been lost over the years to some celebrities.

The comedian and general provocateur Bill Maher was one of them. In 2006, he decided to dress as Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter. The only problem was that Irwin was killed months ago by a stingray – and Maher decided to incorporate that detail into his costume. The (adult, adult) man ran with a false sting from a bloody wound in his chest.

He then renounced his election on his show when he angrily refused to apologize and instead Irwin blamed for dying.

"Stop harassing me about my Halloween costume," he said. "People who really love animals understand when they're killed by a human, and you should not have had the chance to do something."

The winner of "America's Next Top Model," Adrianne Curry, did something similar in 2009 when she dressed like Amy Winehouse – the singer who died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27 and was drugged all her life.

Curry did not just wore a wig to imitate Winehouse's pronounced hairdo. She tied a belt around her arm, carried a wrong syringe and paused to pretend to shoot heroin. Perhaps the worst thing is that Winehouse was still alive and had to fight addiction when Curry played disguised.

Do not be a Nazi, especially if you are a Prince of an Allied country.

Inexplicably, Prince Harry did the complete opposite in 2005 when he did dressed like a Nazi for a costume party. A photo of him holding a drink with a large, red swastika armband around his biceps spread quickly across the Internet, triggering outrage.

It was not even Halloween.

Harry finally made a statement that he was "very sorry if I offended or embarrassed anyone."

"It was a bad choice for the costume and I apologize," he added.

Do not be Nazis. It's not a bad costume choice. It is a deliberately provocative outfit that evokes hatred and anti-Semitism. So do not do it.

How about leaving other cultures alone?

Here are some great Halloween costumes: ghosts, vampires, zombies, Frankenstein.

Here are some bad Halloween costumes: Anything that takes up the entire cultural identity of another person and turns them into something you bought on a cheap $ 50 website.

Here are some more examples:

Hillary Duff dressed like a pilgrim for Halloween in 2016. That would have been nice – boring and unimaginative, but good – but her then boyfriend Jason Walsh dressed like a Native American with feather headgear and everything else.

Given the history of the violence against Native Americans, the costume was already offensive. But the timing was particularly outrageous. HuffPost reported that the costume "was particularly flat in the face of the current situation in North Dakota, where thousands of Native Americans and their followers protested against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline." Pipeline opponents who started demonstrations in January said the planned route threatens to contaminate the community's water source and destroy sacred grounds. "

Duff later apologized tweet that she "was so sad for people I offended with my costume. It was not thought out properly and I'm really down to it [heart emoji] We are sorry."

Model Heidi Klum made a similar faux pas in 2008, when she dressed as a Hindu goddess Kali, which immediately caused outrage.

"The goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and is said to be worshiped in temples and not used in clubs for promotional purposes," said Rajan Zed of the Times of India. "Hindus welcome Hollywood and other entertainment industries to delve into Hinduism, but they should take it seriously and respectfully, and not just use it to decorate or promote their own selfish agenda."

And then Chris Brown disguised himself as a terrorist. The less said about it, the better.

Yes, Megyn Kelly, Blackface is incredibly offensive and no one should ever do it,

Oh, but wait, can I wear blackface if _______________________?

NO. THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS NO. NO BLACK CUT It's extremely easy to do nothing. We do not do things everyday. Over the years, celebrities have insisted on wearing blackface – even though they're all adults and have publicists, agents, and probably friends.

Julianne Hough said it would be alright to darken her skin to portray Uzo Aduba's "Orange is the New Black" sign Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren in 2013.

Country star Jason Aldean decided it would be cool to portray Lil Wayne 2016. That was not the case.

And when asked, he told Billboard, "People are so sensitive these days that no matter what you do, someone will make a big deal out of it. I had no malicious intent. , , I understand that the race is a sensitive topic, but not everyone is like that. Media make things a big deal. If that was disrespectful for anyone, I'll definitely apologize. That was never my intention. It never crossed my mind. "

Similarly, "American Horror Story" actor Colton Haynes wore Kanye West in 2011 with Blackface. The people were not happy, but Haynes did not seem to care, because he wore Brownface next year disguise as Mahatma Gandhi. It took another year for him to apologize.

And Luann de Lesseps, the actress of "Real Housewives of New York City," was accused of wearing Diana Ross last year – a claim she denies ("I had bronzer," she said). The controversial costume choice was back on the news recently after Kelly defended the decision on her latest "Today" appearance.

In the end you should not wear any of these costumes! Or others who are like that! Happy Halloween!


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