Real Madrid left part of its mattress on Barça with an unexpected tie against Celta that complicates the panorama of whites two weeks after a classic destined to be decisive in becoming league. A goal from Santi Mina in the final stretch of the game after a fabulous pass from the exazulgrana Denis Suárez gave a golden point to the Olympic team, which remains out of the relegation places for the second day followed thanks to an outstanding effectiveness of the brave Galician team , who finally scored in the fief of Chamartín after seven consecutive defeats in the League.

He saw Zidane’s team escape a triumph he seemed to have in his hand after climbing the Smolov’s early goal with so many in the second part of Kroos, authentic black beast of the celestial set, and Sergio Ramos, unappealable from eleven meters to convert an innocent penalty from Rubén to Hazard, whose dynamism in the 70 minutes granted by Zidane to accumulate kilometers of Facing the decisive envies that are coming, he forgot his almost three months in the dry dock.

Unexpected leader’s skid, even though Zidane did not pay attention to an opponent in the lower area of ​​the table and granted the ownership of Hazard to form a trident called to sajar rivals but who has barely taught the fangs between the Belgian’s injury and the episodic appearances of Bale.

Real Madrid

Courtois, Carvajal, Varane, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Valverde, Casemiro, Kroos (Modric, min. 81), Bale (Mendy, min. 84), Benzema and Hazard (Vinicius, min. 73).


Rubén, Kevin (Pione Sisto, min. 54), Aidoo, Murillo, Araujo, Lucas Olaza, Rafinha, Okay, Bradaric (Santi Mina, min. 83), Iago Aspas and Smolov (Denis Suárez, min. 70).


0-1: min. 6, Smolov. 1-1: min. 52, Kroos. 2-1: min. 64, Sergio Ramos, of penalty. 2-2: min. 85, Santi Mina.


Alberola Rojas (Spanish-Manchego Committee). He admonished Olaza, Bale, Carvajal and Okay. He sent a direct red to Gudelj, delegate of Celtic.


Party of the twenty-fourth day of the League, played at the Santiago Bernabéu before 62,447 spectators. A minute of silence was kept in memory of journalist David Gistau.

The table reflected an abyss between the first and the second-to-last classified, separated by 32 points before the initial whistle of a duel between the second top scorer and best defender of First and the second worst gunner in the category. But football sometimes tends to underestimate these differences and therein lies one of its greatnesses.

They urged the urgencies to Celta, who left with courage and fished the first. Aspas found the gap between Carvajal and Varane and leaked a millimeter pass to Smolov, who impaled right-handed against a sold Courtois. First target with the light blue elastic of the Russian, who had notable campaigns in the Krasnodar before coming unless in the Lokomotiv. He did not mark a Russian in the Bernabéu since he did in 2003 Alexander Mostovoi, Tsar by par excellence in beacon lands.

Center abuse

Second consecutive game in which the whites, who took possession of the leather and ordered a combat dunk, were in the middle. They triangulated adequately, but they Missing ease in the decisive pass and abused the lateral centers. The Celta only rested when he was in contact with the Rafinha ball, a prestidigitator whose explosion has weighed his fragile physique, but Murillo’s arrival has strengthened a behind butter in the first months of competition. He resisted with aplomb the set of Oscar Garcia and could even double the rent in a header from Aidoo at the exit of a corner that Courtois repelled when the goal was sung.

Not even a shot between Real Madrid clubs at rest despite its overwhelming dominance and the dynamism of a Harzard who didn’t seem to feel the months of inactivity. Impelía the state of the clash some variant to develop the Celtic instead of the trail of centers without a pure auctioneer: 26 tried to intermediate, record with Zidane.

Zidane called his troops in the interim chapter with a strict commandment: end that bland shipments. The effect was immediate. Ripping the ball Real Madrid found the loot that pursued the wrong way in the first half. So he hunted Kroos in the heart of the area to put the ball next to the stick strain. Sixth goal of the Teuton to Celta, which has been vaccinated without truce since 2015. 42.85% of its fourteen league goals have had as a receiver the celestial group, by far its favorite victim.

Balanced the score, Celta lost foot. Entrenched in his area, he received the second stab when Ruben knocked down Hazard fighting for a ball that was already lost in the baseline. Adjusted Sergio Ramos, infallible from eleven meters. A penalty does not fail since April 9, 2018, against Sevilla. Since then, 19 of 19.

He moved the Oscar García tree in pursuit of a point that was worth gold. Outside Bradaric and Smolov and inside Denis Suarez and Santi Mina. Two returnees at the beginning of the season with the aim of fighting for Europe that have lost their bellows as Celtic confronted its harsh reality. The former Valencia and who were Barca were enough minutes to realize how successful the changes. He filtered the midfielder and packed the forward. Madrid did not fit two goals in the League since last October 5, precisely the last time he left with his trident of bells. Coincidences of life.

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