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Micheal O‘Leary (Kanturk, Ireland, 58 years old) is a walking provocation that always seeks advertising advantage for Ryanair in his outbursts. The last, in an interview granted to the newspaper The times, has unleashed the wrath of Islamic politicians and organizations and has served to demonstrate that populism also exists in business. “Who are the terrorists? They will be lonely male travelers. If you travel as a family with a lot of children, the chances of you trying to blow up the plane are fucking zero. You can’t say it, because it sounds like racism. But normally they will be Muslim men 30 years ago they were the Irish. If the threat comes from there, focus on the threat, “said the CEO of the airline.

O‘Leary defends the need to draw previous profiles of passengers instead of forcing security measures, such as the prohibition of carrying more than 100 milliliters of any liquid, which, according to him, have proved useless. “Security is a joke, but we can never turn back all these measures, even if some of them are completely irrelevant,” he said.

The Muslim Council of the United Kingdom has lashed out against the executive and against his speech, which he has labeled racist and Islamophobic. “He openly defends discrimination against Muslim men. He does not point them out because they have been previously detected by the intelligence services, simply because they look or act like Muslims. It is the very definition of Islamophobia,” said a spokesman for the institution. . Labor deputy Khalid Mahmood, a Muslim, has called O‘Leary’s words absurd. “If you can specify what color Muslims are, I will be happy to learn from him. You cannot judge a book by its cover,” he said.

The interview, with a friendly tone towards the executive in which he celebrates his unquestionable achievements but also his occurrences – rebelliousness – has allowed O‘Leary to expand on all the great issues of today. Climate change? “We will reduce [en los próximos ocho años] fuel consumption by 16% per passenger, and we will increase the number of people per plane by 4%. No other industry is carrying out this type of technological innovations. But the airlines get all the criticism because a 17-year-old Swedish girl says you don’t have to fly. For her it is great, because it crosses the Atlantic on a racing yacht and then a private crew flies to pick it up, “said O‘Leary in reference to activist Greta Thunberg.

The CEO of Ryanair captures the complicity of the interviewer before each controversial issue, because he begins his response with a well-intentioned statement of principles that allows him to give way to provocative statements. The Too movement? “Something had to be done to balance things, but I think they have gone crazy.” He would never ban relationships in the workplace, he says. “Go and get laid. It’s an airline. Next to the hospitals, they are the worst. You have pilots, cabin crew, doctors, nurses, and they are all sexually athletic,” he explains. “Although we have to be careful, for example, we don’t do Christmas parties anymore, which in this company were legendary.”



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