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the CEO of Twitter makes his mea culpa

A "Huge failure". Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey points to Silicon Valley's cyberbullying and fake news. Jack Dorsey spoke on the subject on Tuesday, February 12, tweeting on the microblogging site that digital platforms have not done enough to fight against these new plagues:

" We have made progress, but [efforts] were scattered and not feeling enough "he wrote. " Changing the experience was not meaningful enough. And we impose the bulk of the burden on the victims of abuse (it's a huge failure) ", admitted the boss of Twitter.

According to Reuters, Jack Dorsey said he did not like the way Twitter tends to spur scandal, short-term thinking, echo chambers, fragmented conversations … And the lack of diversity in within the company had not helped to combat such problems.

In the spotlight since 2016

Since 2016, Twitter is under fire from critics, alongside Facebook. These social networks are accused of facilitating misinformation with the proliferation of fake news – especially during the US presidential election – but also cyber-harassment. The latest scandal, which broke out this week: "The League of lol", a Facebook group accused of harassing dozens of people on the Internet, especially women. This group was particularly active between 2009 and 2012, and gathered about thirty popular users of Twitter at the time, including several journalists.

Created in 2006, the microblogging site has long been lagging behind to counter the "trolls", those accounts that comment on publications in an ironic or hateful way. Very often anonymous, these accounts can be generated by real people or "Bots" (contraction of "robots", here referring to automated software). To identify "troll behavior", Twitter uses a cluster of clues: if an account has not confirmed its email address, if the same person uses multiple accounts simultaneously, tweeting burst, or mentioning accounts that do not follow not, or any behavior that could evoke a "coordinated attack".

A fight "anti-trolls" assiduous … leaves to lose users

For two years, Twitter has multiplied the actions "anti-trolls" for "Improve the quality, openness and civility of public debates", explained last year the company in a blog note. In February 2017, Twitter announced a system to prevent people who are struck off the platform from creating a new account with another identity. Two months later, the American company made a decision deemed surprising and superficial … by deciding to delete the profile photos "egg", displayed by default when creating an account, in favor of a silhouette anonymous.

Its fight intensified in 2018, with the introduction in May of new filters to reduce the visibility of publications "trolls".

"The result is that people who contribute to a healthy conversation will be more visible in conversations and research," the company said.

The microblogging site then announced last July suspend 70 million accounts in two months. Logical consequence: Twitter accuses a drop in the number of active monthly users – one of the criteria particularly scrutinized by analysts – with 321 million users in 2018, against 330 million in 2017 (-3%). Jack Dorsey has said he wants to strengthen this strategy in 2019 to be in order of battle by 2020 for the next US presidential elections.

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