The CEP Saint-Benoît too fair

A sentence, in recent times, Nihel Ghoul has done interesting in the North.

the penalty, in recent times, Nihel Ghoul has done interesting in the North.

(Photo archives cor., Benedict Dabadie)

Calais : 3 VINE St. Benedict : 2 The CEP Saint-Benedict has stood up well to third in the championship yesterday evening in the North, but the players of William Condamin collapsed in the tie-break, letting slip valuable points in the race for the play-off.
Calais, took the ascendant thanks to Okura station being effective against and attack. (9-4). Hampered by a receiving medium, the Pictavian lacked arguments to attack. Walker, on the attacks back, walked back to his team (13-11). Calais went the more beautiful by Gambova this time (16-11). Despite two changes, Schaudt and Chiminasas, Poitiers was worth it, getting even a 7-0 (25-16).
Nice response More of an impact to the service, the Pictavian were set equal in the start of the second set and then took the command on an ace Walker (5-8). Committing too many errors of service, Calais remained behind (7-11). Gambova sounded the charge, the Calaisiennes passed in front of (16-15). At Poitiers, only one Walker came out of the lot. Calais remained in command, followed closely by Poitiers, which levelled 20-20 before cracking 25-22.
The CEP changed the pace and pushed aside the Calaisiennes (4-8). Everything succeeded to the Pictavian that seemed to be released (4-11). Popek is highlighted. Calais do déméritait not but what are the visiting conventions that had raised their level of play (7-16). The lesson continued with a severe 16-25 and the match restarted.
The game remained balanced in the fourth set. Poitiers was a first break (13-17 and 18-22) with a Ghoul, high. The Stella recollait (22-23), but leaves the last word to the Pictavian (22-25).
Calais started the tie-break on the hats of wheels (3-0 and 8-3). Poitiers lost so completely in the foot and lost 15-6. A shame because the players of William Condamin have played jauntily on their luck.

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