The Chairs of the Consolidated PDIP DPD, Open Votes on the 2024 Presidential Candidate


A number of DPD PDIP Chairmen are waiting for Ketum Megawati Soekarnoputri’s decision regarding the presidential candidate that will be carried for the 2024 presidential election. PDIP officials in a number of regions are ready to carry out instructions.

This was revealed in the Pre-National Work Meeting Coordination Meeting (Rakor Prakernas) at the Party School Building, Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta, from Saturday (30/10/2021) to Sunday (31/10). Chairman of the West Java (Jabar) PDIP DPD Ono Surono said his party would immediately carry out a political safari to the southern part of West Java to strengthen the consolidation of victory.

“And we make sure that volunteers in West Java will only be formed after the decision of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates is taken by the general chairman,” said Ono.

Having a history of PDIP, Ono said the PDIP chairman was never in a hurry to bring his cadres to the presidential election. This is like what happened in 2014, when Megawati decided Joko Widodo as a presidential candidate 6 months before the election. According to him, currently a number of parties are forcing parties to determine candidates in 2024.

Meanwhile, the Chair of the Aceh Province PDIP DPD Muslahuddin Daud said the Pre Rakernas Coordination Meeting was an important part of preparation for winning the 2024 general election and presidential election. Muslahuddin said all PDIP cadres in Aceh were upright with Megawati’s decision.

“The important thing is our task is to prepare the structure and movement for winning. As party officials, we are ready to carry out instructions so that on the field we are ready to carry out the victory,” said Muslahuddin.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) PDIP DPD Rachmat Hidayat said that to welcome the 2024 presidential election, the DPD chairman would carry out the directives and instructions of the PDIP DPP to consolidate all structural and cadre strengths. He said PDIP was not bothered by the issue of presidential and vice presidential candidates being echoed.

“But we make sure that we are not disturbed by the issue of presidential and vice-presidential candidates. PDI-P is used to dealing with things like that. We can only deal with the tougher ones. For example, on July 27 we will face. we are big. We in NTB are focused and don’t rush about the presidential and vice presidential candidates. That is the prerogative of the general chairman,” said Rachmat.

Then, Chairman of the South Sulawesi PDIP DPD Andi Ridwan Wittiri said the Pre-Rakernas Coordination Meeting was purely a structural and field consolidation. South Sulawesi’s PDIP will follow the direction of the Ketum regarding the 2024 presidential election decision.

“And for us, according to previous experiences, if the structure and field are ready, whoever the presidential and vice-presidential candidates are, we will fight with full confidence to win. So that’s the reason we are upright in carrying out the general chairman’s orders to consolidate, especially through political education and regeneration, ‘ said Wittiri.

PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto said the statement from the regional PDIP chairman proves the solidity of all cadres and party structures at the center or at the regional level. He said, to achieve victory, the key is to maintain the people’s trust.

“That is the key to our victory in 2024,” said Hasto.

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