Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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The challenge of boxing educational “Young Perez” remains


Has more than one title, the challenge of the challenge of boxing education for all “Young Perez” stimulates the colleges of Vienna, as well as the institutes medico-educational participants, and it is not today. It must be said that the best is winning the trophy, representing a boxing glove signed by Brahim Asloum, olympic champion in Sydney in 2000.

The challenge is put back into play each year. In 2017, the college of Vivonne had won. Then for the 12 edition, which, among the colleges of Vivonne, Charroux, Lusignan, Civray, Gencay, Couhé, or the IME of Mignaloux Beauvoir and Vivonne 96 participants, would be the next winner? At this little game, difficult to make predictions. Nothing was won in advance. It was Wednesday afternoon at the gymnasium of Vivonne. The department of the Vienne, the UNSS 86 and the college of Vivonne organized in partnership with the faculty of sports sciences and with the support of the city of Vivonne, the gathering of a half-day of competition. Ten fun workshops were offered. The principle of the games was to touch his opponent and avoid being hit through an object, a target… with as imperative to the control of the power. The whole thing was hosted by sports educators in the department, about thirty students of the faculty of sciences of sport and teachers of physical education and sport in South Vienna.
By the accumulated points, mainly earned on the investment, the respect for the spirit of boxing educational (touch and non-hit, in respect of the other, investment in accordance with the rules), balance and motor abilities, the students of Vivonne is required. College Camille Claudel and Joan of arc of Civray complete the podium in 2018. As a reward, the winners of the challenge, the college Joliot-Curie of Vivonne, have been awarded among other things, an invitation to the championships of France of boxing academic English, which will be held on 4-5-6 April next to Poitiers.

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