The challenge that put more than 100,000 UVM students to take virtual classes

With this digital platform, the UVM managed to improve distance learning, as well as establish effective communication between teachers, students and the community of the institution, in general.

For example, for students and graduates, the customer service of Dynamics 365 Power Portal, Power Virtual Agent and Power Automate, which allowed an omnichannel attention in a self-service portal in which students can easily carry out a procedure and follow up on it.

Likewise, more than 150 services were automated, such as a 24/7 chatbot for student attention or Customer Voice.

On the other hand, through Dynamics 365, students have access to virtual advice and consult the availability of advisors in Microsoft Teams.

Administrative services were also favored with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to digitize processes, since previously there was control through the Call center, but the pandemic required other needs that had to be remedied quickly.

The most interesting thing is that these solutions like Microsoft Teams They will not be left only for the time of the pandemic, but will continue to be implemented in the UVM in the future.


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