The Chancellor of ITK is also a Lecturer at ITS, M Nuh Urges to Apologize for the ‘Desert Man’


The chairman of the Board of Trustees (MWA) of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Mohammad Nuh appealed to the ITS Chancellor to ask for an explanation from the Chancellor of the Kalimantan Institute of Technology (ITK) Prof Budi Santosa Purwokartiko following the status on his social media which was considered racially charged. Because, Budi Santosa is also an ITS lecturer who was assigned to be the rector at ITK.

“Indeed, his status is as a lecturer at ITS, but he has received the task of rector at ITK. Therefore, at ITS also being prepared to discuss his thoughts. The Chancellor has followed up, of course in accordance with the applicable mechanism, because these thoughts are very misguided, and very unconstructive, both in terms of academics and in terms of nationality as well as from the side of togetherness,” said M Nuh to detik.comSaturday (7/5/2022).

According to M Nuh, the status that Budi Santosa uploaded on his social media account offended a number of parties and was considered intolerant. Therefore, he asked the ITS Chancellor to follow up.

“Therefore, from a tolerance point of view, of course it is very intolerant, so I as the Chair of the MWA ask the Chancellor of course to be the first to ask for an explanation from the person concerned in accordance with the SOTK mechanism at ITS, and of course through the academic senate and the board of professors because the person concerned is a professor. From there, of course there will be an answer, and so on,” he said.

In addition, M Muh also questioned why the ITK Chancellor had not yet apologized. Because, the former statement reviewer LPDP is considered disturbing the harmony of society.

“Indeed, until now the person concerned has never apologized. Therefore, I think the apology is important, because it offends people’s feelings, regardless of whether it’s a matter of right or wrong, someone may have subjectivity, but disturbing the general peace, harmony, is a mistake. separately,” he added.

M Nuh considered that, because Budi Santosa is a lecturer in industrial engineering at ITS, ITS is considered to have a role in controlling the morale of its employees.

“He’s the Chancellor of ITK but his lecturer status is an ITS lecturer. So an ITS lecturer who is assigned as ITK Chancellor. Therefore, as the owner of his employment status, ITS has a moral obligation to participate in fostering, taking responsibility,” he continued.

For information, ITK Chancellor Budi Santosa Purwokartiko reported to the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani and the President Director of LPDP Andin Hadiyanto. Budi is considered to have committed racial intolerance and verbal abuse.

The reporter is Irvan Noviandana. He sent an open letter to Sri Mulyani and Andin Hadiyanto. He asked Budi to take action because his status on Facebook was considered disturbing.

Irvan revealed that Budi’s sentence contained SARA speech when Budi interviewed the Dikti program participants as stated in Budi’s status. In his Facebook status, Budi said that someone who wears a hijab or head covering is a desert man.

“Budi Santosa as the party who interviewed the participants of the Higher Education program as stated in his writing said a sentence with SARA nuances that the 12 female students who were interviewed, none of them covered their heads like a desert human so that their brains really open mind and so on,” said Irvan.

“We as Muslims are very offended by the words conveyed openly by LPDP interviewers because they undermine our religious law, which requires women to cover their heads (hijab) as a form of religious obedience. women in Indonesia who cover their heads,” he added.

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