The Chartrain Sacha Lagrange has resumed its brands in Auneau

The Iliade aquatic complex in Auneau hosted the departmental winter championships last Sunday. The opportunity for some swimmers, like Sacha Lagrange, to shine in their old pool.

For Sacha Lagrange (15 years old), now licensed at C’Chartres Métropole Natation, these winter championships in Auneau had a special aspect. The young swimmer was, last season, affiliated with the Alnel club, a club which, for lack of sufficient support, has not withstood the post-health crisis and has been put to sleep this season. The ex-swimmers of Auneau thus took refuge in Chartres, signed in other sections or simply stopped everything.

Junior vice-champion of the 50 m breaststroke and 3
from 200 medley

During these championships, Sacha Lagrange confirmed his constant progress since the start of the season. Entered in four events, the junior improved all his times and notably finished 2
on the 50 m breaststroke and 3
of the 200 medley.

About a hundred swimmers, from the clubs of Bonneval, Chartres, Châteaudun, Nogent, Vauroux or even Vernouillet, took part in these championships. On this meeting, to highlight the performances of Dunois Floriane Boulay, Enzo Foisnon and Valentin Hée, as well as that of Bonnevalaise Ombeline Pinot. On the Chartres side, Kelyan Cichocky, Jocelyn Mear and Ambre Balssa also shone. The young vernolitan Sasha Fahrner (12 years old) is also proving to be very promising.