The cheapest car installment offers at cash price 1443 in Saudi Arabia

The cheapest car installment offers at cash price 1443 in Saudi Arabia

There are many car showrooms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that offer car installment offers at cash price and from the latest models, as buying cars has become one of the necessities of life and this necessity has become urgent in the hustle and bustle of life and the abundance of work, but buying a car is an expensive matter that many do not bear the pressure at the same time. In owning a car, the solution was to install cars at the price of cash, and one of the most prominent exhibitions in this is the Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Company.

Car installment offers at cash price

  • Car installments is the first solution for most Saudi citizens, because the cost is usually high.
  • Therefore, there are many companies that provide installment service at a cash price
  • One of the most famous companies that specializes in this is the Abdul Latif Jameel Company, which occupies the leadership in this field
  • This is because there is no requirement for installments in the presence of a down payment, and installments are given on new and used cars.
Car installment offers at cash price 1443 in Saudi Arabia

Abdul Latif Jameel Cars Installment

The company offers the best type of car in the Kingdom, which is this Hyundai car, in addition to the lack of initial payments to own the car, and this service is available through the special offers of financial leasing that are available in the company’s branches. In addition to this great advantage, this financing system follows Islamic Sharia and is one of the most important types of cars available she:

  • Hyundai car model 2021, five years have been set for the completion of its installments, and the monthly installment was 1041 riyals.
  • There is also an Elantra model this year with an extension of the installment period to 60 months at 1295 riyals per month.
  • While the third type of available car is Creta, which is repaid within five years, with a monthly amount of up to 1288 riyals.
  • Accent car, which is the lowest in terms of monthly payment, is 1094 riyals and has the same payment period.

Car installments without down payment

  • Car installments is a matter that will not stop, as the need always continues to own a car, but installments at a cash price with no prepayment requirement will certainly increase the number of car owners.
  • It is necessary to know all the conditions and papers required to apply for owning a car from Abdul Latif Jameel Company at the price of cash and proportionate to you through the installment that you can pay.

Car installment exhibitions without a bank

There are many car installment showrooms in Jeddah and the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as:

  • Gulf Showroom and Al Manal Modern Cars
  • Al-Oufi Car Showroom
  • And Al Naghi Showroom for Hyundai Cars
  • As well as the Khader Al-Malki Car Showroom

And other showrooms that offer car installment offers at a cash price, and you only need documents, and the showrooms provide you with payment facilities in convenient installment methods.

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