The cheapest iPhone is already on sale in Argentina: how much does it cost?

He 64GB storage model will cost $ 83,000 in official Apple stores. Instead, the 128GB will be sold for $ 94,000.

Both devices are offered with financing in 12 installments, at an extra cost of 12%. Plus, they have a one-year factory warranty.

The arrival of the iPhone SE generated a boom in the US market. This is due to the price-quality ratio, since There it costs u $ s399, half that of the rest of the models that go from u $ s700 to u $ s1,100.

Unlike other Apple smartphones, this model does not have a full screen and only has one camera. Also, it does not come with the facial recognition system for unlocking.

However, pIt has the same latest generation chip as the high-end models, which makes it very powerful. It also has the same iOS operating system.



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