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[Epoch Times, May 14, 2021]New progress has been made in the case of the 49th middle school student falling from a building in Chengdu. On May 13, after the Chinese state media exclusively announced the surveillance video of the student before falling from the building, the Chengdu police announced that the student’s body had been cremated after the parents signed the consent.

However, a series of official information operations and speech control have caused more doubts. Cheng Yizhong, a senior media person from the Southern Newspapers department, said that Chinese society is collectively avoiding a key issue.

Local police: “From this video, you can see that he was cutting his wrist. It lasted about ten minutes…”

On the fourth day after the 16-year-old Chengdu 49 Middle School student Lin Weiqi fell to his death, the Chinese state media CCTV “exclusively disclosed the surveillance video of Chengdu 49 Zhonglin’s death in a live broadcast on the 13th.”

CCTV reporters and local police officers answered questions and answered questions, restoring the 33 minutes Lin Weiqi recorded through 14 surveillance cameras before falling down the building. In the screen, Lin Weiqi left the self-study classroom, went to the pump room for a suspected wrist cut, and finally walked to the fifth floor of the laboratory building.

Local police: “This is the final picture. It appeared on the Lian Corridor on the fifth floor at 18:39… and then the video entered a blind corner area…”

CCTV reporter: “Classmate Xiaolin finally disappeared here.”

At 18:49, another lens shot Lin’s falling figure. According to the official statement, the ambulance entered the campus at 19:06, and Zhang Jie, a doctor at the Sixth People’s Hospital of Chengdu, announced that Lin was dead at 19:10.

After three “official announcements” Closed cremation

Since the incident occurred on the 9th, the public has only learned the whole story through three “official bulletins.”

The first official announcement was issued by the local education bureau on the evening of the 10th, calling the falling case a “personal act”. However, Lin’s mother expressed “disapproval” on Weibo and criticized the inability to see the key video and the inability to interact with it. Talk to classmates and teachers. This incident began to cause huge anger on the Chinese Internet and at the gate of Chengdu No. 49 Middle School, demanding the truth.

The second official notice appeared on the evening of the 11th and was issued by the local police, stating that it was confirmed after the investigation that it was “death from a high fall, and criminal cases were ruled out” and that “the parents have no objection”.

The third official announcement was made on the afternoon of the 13th, shortly after the surveillance video exclusively disclosed by CCTV was broadcast, the Chengdu police issued a notice saying that Lin’s body “has been cremated in a funeral home in Chengdu with the consent of his parents today.”

Radio Free Asia has tried to contact Lin’s family many times since the 11th, but no one answered it or it has been shut down. The last update of Lin Mu’s Weibo account was also stopped on the 11th.

Radio Free Asia tried to contact several parents of 49 middle school students on the 13th, but they all avoided interviewing for safety reasons.

Cheng Yizhong: “Collectively avoided an obvious problem”

“My friends and I are still dubious. These are the official mouthpieces of the media. Smaller incidents are not reported. Larger incidents have to go through layers of review. The review involves human and power interference, so the independence is too poor. Up.”

Chengdu resident Xie Junbiao said in an interview on the 13th, “In fact, why this matter is so noisy is that there have been too many such examples in the past, the key camera is broken, the key film is missing…, every time I do this (tricks), It’s like calling the wolf every time. Now even if you are true, no one believes it. People’s distrust of the government has been accumulated over a long period of time. It’s the same routine every time.

Cheng Yizhong, the former editor-in-chief of Southern Metropolis Daily and the first editor-in-chief who participated in the founding of the Beijing News, observed that the case evolved into a “super communication incident”. In the end, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and other official media seemed to have sharply pointed out how to deal with local authorities. “But everyone also avoided an obvious question, an extremely obvious answer: why every time a similar emergency or natural disaster or man-made disaster is encountered, the authorities will first find ways to silence and suppress public opinion reports, and then they will resort to sneaking , The stupid way of dealing with it?”

Cheng Yizhong said that the answer is simple, because China’s “facts” are determined by “only praise but not criticism” and only “a unipolar ruling mindset that pursues an ultra-stable structure.”

“Under such circumstances, there can be no voices questioning the leaders. People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, the rumors that have been made in history, the big lies that have been spread in history, are there fewer natural and man-made disasters? Now all the media in China have changed. How do you believe that you have become the mouthpiece of the CCP? There is no reason to believe!”

After an exclusive investigation by Chinese state media to “restore the truth,” Chinese netizens raised more questions: If the facts are so simple, why did they hide them in the first place?

Why did the family members who started crying vigorously stop talking? Why does the key video always have a reason to disappear or not exist? In addition, why are the people and independent media unable to raise questions and criticisms?

The mother of the deceased ([email protected]人生像泡) was denounced on the Internet on May 10th. The school briefly notified her at 9pm that day, saying that her son fell from the corridor and died, but other information will not be disclosed, and the monitoring is also Not to provide her, and what is even more bizarre is that the school also shut out all parents and warned other students to keep silent about this matter. The picture shows family members seeking the truth at the school gate. (Weibo)

People like us”

A netizen, Hammlittlemin, who claimed to be a student of the Department of Journalism, shared on Weibo on the 11th that he spontaneously went to Chengdu No. 49 Middle School to interview and take pictures, and was violently treated by the police and asked to delete the photos.

“I’m sitting on the floor editing these content… Just now I was walking and crying. I wanted to tell something, but I didn’t have the ability. I don’t want this thing to be covered with gauze, and I don’t want this thing to be forgotten.” He Write.

Currently, this account has been deleted. However, he recorded several pictures of protesters on the scene holding white flowers seeking the truth, which were screened and spread by netizens.

Cheng Yizhong said: “When I was (the editor-in-chief of the Chinese media), the authorities’ control was already like this. Whenever something happens, the official ban runs much faster than your reporter. The reporter hasn’t arrived yet, ten points. The ban has come, or call you directly. It’s just that at that time there were people like us… and such editors and reporters…” “After so many years of purge and suppression, such people no longer exist. “

Tang Jianguang, a veteran Chinese media person in Beijing, also posted a long post on Weibo, “The media has been unable to publish the manuscript until it cannot be published, and it has gradually lost the trust of the public. Without media and Reporter, will this world be better?”

This Weibo has been deleted.

Xie Junbiao, a citizen of Chengdu who visited the campus in person on the 11th, was arrested and beaten at the police station. He said that he had been “concerned” for the past two days, including the five-cent army who harassed him on the Internet and detained him as “foreign power”. And public security units.

“For the past two days (the police station) continue to call me and ask where I am? I also called my friends and asked my friends to persuade me not to go to the school gate. That’s what I meant… So I didn’t go. If I go again, I will get them offended again.” Xie Junbiao said unwillingly, “I just went to the school gate to take a photo, and I was dragged to the police station like this without saying a word, and I was beaten. These actions won’t let me go any further. People question what your officials are hiding?”

At the same time, the local police used official media to refute rumors that there was no banned password, and the news that “schools let students keep silent” was also untrue.

Deng Jianguo, head of the Department of Communication Studies of the School of Journalism of Fudan University, wrote a paragraph on Weibo that if there are no facts, there will be no clear boundaries between responsibilities and rights. Facts are the foundation of reason, and the elimination of facts will inevitably eliminate reason and bring ultimate danger.

“Transfer to Radio Free Asia”

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