The Chilean ’10’ who scored his first goal in Brazil: “I’m excited about La Roja”

This Wednesday, Chilean midfielder Ignacio Jara scored his first goal for Brasileirao in the 3-3 tie between Goias and Coritiba. Despite the bad moment of his squad, which is at the bottom in the Brazilian football honor series, the former Cobreloa player was happy for his achievement.

“It was a super nice feeling. A lot of things went through my head, I remembered the bad times I’ve been through. This has been a very strange year in every way and it helped me a lot to score that goal to be able to help my teammates and have more. confidence in myself. I hope to score more goals to help my club, “said the 23-year-old midfielder in dialogue with AS Chile.

Jara, who was in the Pre-Olympic with the Red Sub 23 last summer, He has not yet been able to win a starting jersey in Goias, but he knows he is on the right track. “The new coach is putting me at ’10’. He arrived recently, but he knows me well. He has told me that he has seen my videos. I am happy and I told him that if he needs me in another position, I am at his disposal to whatever you want, “added” Nacho. “

– In social networks the fans started a campaign for you to be the starter. What did you think?
– Yes, I saw a couple of things. The people are very passionate and I feel sorry for what we are going through at the club, this team does not deserve to be at the bottom of the table. We have to keep training and improving. We have the potential to ride better. I have not played the minutes I want, but I still want to fight and improve. I hope to be prepared for when I start.

– You were with Covid-19 a few days ago. How was that?
– It’s a super distressing situation. When the club told me that it was positive, I was with my family having dinner. Luckily they took the test and they came out negative. It is a pity, especially when one is far from the country. I didn’t have any symptoms, thank God and I passed the quarantine in isolation. sleeping and eating in another room.

-The other day he played against Ángelo Araos and after the match they were photographed together. How about that moment?
– Yes, that day we played against “Flaquito”, but we have a beautiful friendship. We made a good group in the National Team. We talked a lot, he told me how he is at Corinthians. I am glad that they are giving him many opportunities and that he is making the most of them. When I scored the goal, he wrote to me to congratulate me. We change shirts and that moment will go down in history.

– In October there are Qualifiers, are you excited about a call?
– I’d be lying to you if I said I don’t think about that. The illusion is intact at all times. The greatest pride for a player is to represent his country. I hope to continue training in the best way and add more minutes here in Brazil. Sooner or later that opportunity will come. And if not, do not get frustrated. God’s moments are perfect …

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