The Chilean newspaper El Mercurio offered a collection of Nazi figurines to its readers | Repudiation of the German embassy

The Embassy of Germany in Chile repudiated in a statement to the newspaper The Mercury for offering its readers a collection of SS figures from Nazism. “We regret that in the 21st century, figures representing SS soldiers, who being the spearhead of the Nazi regime, they carried out war crimes and crimes against humanity”says the statement from the German legation in Santiago.

In the last hours the scandal had taken place through social networks, where it was disclosed that the main Chilean newspaper offered the figures on the website of its Club de Lectores. The rejections were immediate and for this reason the newspaper removed the collection from its online catalogue.

From the diplomatic representation of Germany they remarked that “Aware of our commitment to historical truth, we cannot remain indifferent to the trivialization of the Nazi dictatorship, its accomplices and its symbols”.

In that sense, they called “address this complex historical period from a perspective linked to democratic values, human rights and the testimonial legacy of the victims, in order to promote a true process of reflection that allows us to avoid the mistakes of the past”.

The Mercury He is a historic spokesman for the Chilean right. The oldest newspaper in Chile was embroiled in controversy for its role in the destabilization of Salvador Allende and its support for the Augusto dictatorship Pinochet.