The Chinese Football Association is actively promoting the national football home game, waiting for the official approval_training

Original title: The Chinese Football Association is actively promoting the national football home game waiting for the official final approval

Article source: Xinhua News Agency

On the 18th, the Chinese men’s football team conducted their first training during the closed isolation period in Suzhou.

National Football News Officer Che Hengzhi said that after returning to China, the team is rushing to summarize the experience and lessons of the first four games. The whole team will go all out to train and prepare for the two World Cup qualifiers in November.

After nearly 50 days of training and competition abroad, the Chinese team arrived in Suzhou in the early morning of the 15th for 14 days of medical isolation. In order to meet the needs of the next stage of preparation, the Chinese team was allowed to train in a fully enclosed court. National football coach Li Tie.

“In the past few days, the main focus is to adjust the rest and adjust the time difference. In West Asia, the game time is relatively late, and the players’ schedules are relatively late, so there are more adjustments.” Che Hengzhi said.

In the first four top 12 matches, the Chinese men’s football team ranked fifth in the group with 1 win, 3 losses and 3 points. The qualifying situation is not optimistic.

“After returning to China, the coaching staff is also actively summing up the first four games, and at the same time preparing for the November game, making training and game plans. The coaching staff is very saturated during this period of time, and all work must be intensive during this period of time. Unfold.”Che Hengzhi said.

In the interview, Che Hengzhi introduced the current injury situation of the Chinese team: “Li Lei has been out of the game because of a thigh muscle strain. He has basically recovered and is able to return to the team’s normal training; Hao Junmin is playing against Vietnam. The team suffered a strain on the left back group muscle during the game. After this period of treatment and recovery, now under the leadership of a rehabilitation teacher, jogging and simple ball training are carried out.”

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“Zhang Linpeng suffered a thigh strain in the last game. Time has passed and not long ago, so I can only do strength training in the gym alone. Generally speaking, we still have a period of time before the next game. The wounded of the current team should be able to recover by that time.”

According to the schedule, the Chinese team will play against Oman and Australia at home on November 11 and 16.

It is understood that the Chinese Football Association is currently actively promoting the hosting of home games in China. Once approved by the relevant authorities, Suzhou will be the most likely venue for the competition.

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