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– 6:27 – 09/16/2018

  • Taiwan wants to steal information from Beijing to infiltrate and sabotage the country

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The Chinese government has accused the Taiwanese intelligence agencies on Sunday of having increased their efforts to steal information from Beijing in order to infiltrate and sabotage the country, which has required the island's Executive to end this type of activities. .

Intelligent agencies in Taiwan "must end their activity immediately," according to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua, quoting An Fengshan, spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of China. This Saturday, Chinese state television has issued the first chapter of a series of programs in which it explains how Chinese students in Taiwan are targeted by local spies who cheat them with money, false friendship or seducing them.

The accusations have come at a time when China wants to continue encouraging Taiwan to be part of the country, so it has offered more autonomy as a province. The Government of Taiwan, on the other hand, has publicly warned about the risks that can have for its population living under the control of the Chinese Executive, in a country where the Internet is censored and there is a strong state control.

The Government of China considers Taiwan as one of its provinces and decided to break official contacts with the Taipei Government after the Democratic Progressive Party, led by President Tsai Ing Wen and of pro-independence tendencies, won the 2016 elections. The Beijing executive believes that Tsai wants to advance on the path of independence, although the Taiwanese president maintains that she wants to maintain the status quo and that she is committed to maintaining peace.

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