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The Chinese Super League game returned to the land of Yanzhao after three years. The first Chinese Super League game hosted by Cangzhou was full of atmosphere. The home team Cangzhou Lions also played vigorously——

The new stadium is popular and the new lineup is growing

On April 26th, the third round of the 2023 Super League season, the Cangzhou Lions played against Shanghai Seaport at Cangzhou Stadium. The picture shows Cangzhou Lions foreign aid Oscar (second from left) shooting.Photo by Hebei Daily reporter Geng Hui

The jigsaw puzzle covering a large area of ​​the stands, the drums resounding through the arena, and the loud cheers and cheers…

On April 26, the third round of the 2023 Chinese Super League, the Cangzhou Lions played against Shanghai Seaport at the Cangzhou Stadium. This is the first Chinese Super League game to return to the land of Yanzhao after three years, and it is also the first Chinese Super League game hosted by Cangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city. Fans, Cangzhou Lions Football Club, Hebei Provincial Football Association, and relevant departments of Cangzhou City have worked together to create an exciting, stable and orderly home atmosphere. Facing Shanghai Seaport, which had won two consecutive victories before, the Cangzhou Lions finally lost 0:1, but in the cheers of the home fans, they fought their momentum and played the best game so far this season .

Exciting home atmosphere

“My dream of watching football at home has finally come true, and I can’t fully describe my emotion in two words.” After the game, Li He, vice president of the “Lion Brothers” fan club, the largest fan organization in Cangzhou, told reporters in a hoarse voice, As a Cangzhou fan with 27 years of “chasing the ball” experience, when he went to Shandong to watch the Super League game more than 10 years ago, he dreamed of watching the Super League game in his hometown of Cangzhou, “Now, this dream has finally come true, too Bravo.”

In 2021, Shijiazhuang Yongchang Football Club will change its name to Cangzhou Lions Football Club and move its home stadium to Cangzhou. However, affected by the epidemic, the Cangzhou Lions’ debut at home made fans wait for two years.

It is understood that Cangzhou now has 4 fan organizations with nearly 2,000 member fans. In order to welcome the first Chinese Super League game in Cangzhou, local fans made a giant jigsaw puzzle with a length of more than 30 meters, incorporating Cangzhou’s “cultural business cards” such as iron lions, Qingfenglou, acrobatics, and martial arts. While cheering for the home team, they also used the Chinese Super League The league is a platform to show Cangzhou culture to the whole country and the world.

“In the past, I only knew that there was an iron lion in Cangzhou. When I saw this puzzle and searched online, I found out that there are so many cultural treasures in Cangzhou. Tomorrow, I will go to see the iron lion with my friends, and I will go to the Qingfeng Building to watch acrobatics Show.” A Shanghai Seaport fan who came to Cangzhou to watch the game said.

“Cangzhou, must win!” “Lion, rise up!” With the rhythmic drumbeat, the cheering slogans of Cangzhou fans resounded throughout the stadium. It is reported that in order to cheer for the Cangzhou Lions and show the demeanor of Cangzhou fans, Cangzhou fans have rehearsed many times in their spare time in the past month or so.

In addition, although it was not a rest day, many fans from Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Handan and other places came to the scene to cheer for the only Chinese Super League team in Hebei Province this season.

The Bohai Hotel, across the street from the Cangzhou Stadium, not only received the team and staff, but also many fans. The Cangzhou Lions Football Club also set up a ticket exchange point in the hotel lobby. Wang Meiyue, director of guest relations in the lobby of the hotel, told reporters that on the day of the competition, the occupancy rate of the hotel increased by nearly 20%.

Zhao Boqing, the press officer of the Cangzhou Lions Football Club, said that in order to make fans from all over the province unite and create a better home atmosphere, the club advocated civilized watching through fan organizations before the game, and hoped that the fans should try their best to wear “Lion blue” home team fan uniform. Although the number of spectators was limited in this game and only 7,000 fans entered the stadium, the large “lion blue” on the scene still “full” the home atmosphere of Cangzhou Stadium.

The Hebei Provincial Football Association and relevant units in Cangzhou City also contributed together. A brand-new stadium, orderly traffic, communication support vehicles in place ahead of time, dedicated medical staff… everything seems so natural, as if this is not the first time Cangzhou City has hosted a Chinese Super League game, but has been familiar with it.

The team’s run-in is getting better

Immediately got up after falling to the ground in the confrontation, running non-stop on the field trying to create opportunities… For the first time in three years, the players of the Cangzhou Lions played at their own home court. wind.

“Excellent games, exciting games, and excellent results are our goals this season.” Cangzhou Lions head coach Zhao Junzhe said that in recent years, the competition in the Chinese Super League has become increasingly fierce. As a team of small and medium-sized clubs, the Cangzhou Lions hope to play vigorously this season, especially to show their due state at home, and strive to dedicate wonderful games to the fans.

This season, the Cangzhou Lions have undergone a relatively large personnel adjustment. Whether the team can complete the running-in as soon as possible is the key to determining the results of the opening stage.

“If you want to gain a firm foothold in the Chinese Super League, defense is particularly important.” Zhao Junzhe said. According to their own player configuration, the Cangzhou Lions have adopted a 541 defensive formation in the three games that have been played this season. During this period, Zhao Junzhe tried to make personnel adjustments in individual positions of the defense line, constantly looking for the best configuration of the defense line, and the team’s defensive performance in sports battles was basically stable.

However, in the second round of the match against Chengdu Rongcheng, the Cangzhou Lions’ goal was twice broken by the opponent’s set kick. “This also sounded the alarm for our defense.” Zhao Junzhe said that after that game, the team specially carried out the arrangement and training of set-piece defense.

Foreign aid Skoric has become the “biggest discovery” of the Cangzhou Lions this season. This defender, who has galloped in the European arena, was entrusted with the important task of captain after he came to the Cangzhou Lions. In the first two games, he played as a midfielder. In this game, he returned to the central defender position. He performed well no matter where he was. One of the best players on the team so far this season.

“Few people know that the earliest position I played when I was young was actually the midfielder. After coming to the Cangzhou Lions, the coach saw my foot skills and passing ability in training, and hoped that I could organize in the midfield.” Skoric said.

He really did a good job at the task assigned by the coach. In the first two games, he not only became the team’s “scavenger” in the midfield, but also repeatedly organized counterattacks in the midfield. In this game, he became the “Dinghaishenzhen” of the team’s defense again.

In terms of offense, during the run-in process, Zhao Junzhe tried the three foreign aid forward combination of Locadia, Oscar, and Owusu, and also tried to replace Oscar with another foreign aid Zhukov in the starting lineup to strengthen midfield control. Especially in this game, Oscar acted as the striker arrow, Owusu and young player Yao Xuchen assisted one left and one right, and the Cangzhou Lions repeatedly created danger in front of the opponent’s goal.

Compared with many players injured at the beginning of last season, the Cangzhou Lions have maintained a good state of health at the beginning of this season. Despite this, the club has still made a lot of efforts in terms of players’ physical recovery and medical security, and the security measures and intensity are better than last season. In addition, due to the dense schedule of the Chinese Super League this season, the Cangzhou Lions will also reserve more physical energy for the team through appropriate rotations and give young players more opportunities to play, while avoiding injuries.

“It will take a certain amount of time for the team to reach its best state. The main points in the current running-in process have been basically completed, and the next thing to do is to continue to optimize and polish the details. I hope the fans will be more patient.” Zhao Junzhe said that he hopes the team can Take this game as a new starting point, reach the best condition as soon as possible, and strive for better results on the basis of a firm foothold. (Hebei Daily reporters Wang Weihong and Zhang Lanshan)

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