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The cholesterol map in Spain


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Galicia, Canarias, Extremadura and Región de Murcia are the communities with the highest cholesterol levels, compared to the Country Vasco, Navarra, Madrid and the Valencian Community, according to the conclusion of the Study of Nutrition and Cardiovascular Risk of Spain (ENRICA), within the framework of the 'Lipid Day' campaign developed by the Mimocardio project of the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) and the Spanish Arteriosclerosis Foundation (FEA), in collaboration with Amgen.

He has also highlighted that more than half of Spaniards have high cholesterol, but 54 percent of them are undiagnosed, which doubles the risk of suffering from ischemic heart disease. Thus, experts have stressed that the best way to keep cholesterol controlled is to perform a test at least once a year. In addition, they have indicated that it is fundamental establish an early diagnosis of this alteration to implant a fast and effective treatment that allows to prevent a future cardiovascular event.

Elevated levels of LDL cholesterol in blood can contribute up to 60 percent of heart attacks or angina and 40 percent of strokes

Elevated levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood can contribute up to 60 percent of heart attacks or angina and 40 percent of strokes. In fact, of the more than 120,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease that occur annually in Spain, It is estimated that 25 percent is due to uncontrolled levels of cholesterol.

In this context, the campaign has emerged Lipid Day. Control cholesterol is in your hand', which in its second edition has managed to make approximately 6,000 free measurements in 33 hospitals a single day with the aim of raising awareness among the population about the importance to control LDL cholesterol levels.

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Likewise, the health professionals have attended in consultation the most common doubts of the patients, to whom they have been delivered a brochure that includes advice on the need to maintain a healthy life and a balanced diet to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The campaign has also had the collaboration of Milagros Zuazo, a patient of 70 years who suffered a heart attack, who has explained how she coexists with her illness and what are the recommended habits to avoid a cardiovascular episode and improve its evolution. Thus, he has emphasized to stop smoking, exercise and maintain a good diet.

Finally, the doctor Almudena Castro, director of the FEM Mimocardio program and Head of Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Universitario La Paz (Madrid), has concluded that "maintaining an adequate control of the LDL figures among cardiovascular patients is one of the great challenges that we face. Currently, only 32 percent of patients get it»

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