The Chronology of the Disclosure of the Sepatan Police Chief Using Methamphetamine Until the Police Chief Was Removed, Starting with His Subordinates

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol Endra Zulpan revealed the chronology of the disclosure of the actions of the Sepatan Police Chief with the initials AKP OBW who used or consumed shabu-shabu drugs which resulted in his removal from his position.

According to Zulpan, the drug case involving the Head of the Sepatan Police was revealed to have started with his subordinate, with the initials Brigadier RC, who was absent from his Christmas security duties.

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“Members of the Sepatan Police on behalf of the RC Brigadier. The person concerned, when he was assigned to church security, was not in the proper security area,” said Kombes Zulpan in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/29/2021).

Zulpan explained that the RC Brigadier should have served in the Christmas Eve security team at the Santa Maria Church on Jalan Daan Mogot, West Jakarta.

However, the person concerned turned out to be absent from duty, so the Profession and Security Unit (Propam) of the Tangerang City Police carried out a search for the RC Brigadier for an investigation.

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After being examined by Propam, the RC Brigadier turned out to be positive for consuming methamphetamine. From there, the Tangerang City Metro Police carried out developments.

The result, continued Zulpan, was that the Sepatan Police Chief, AKP OBW, was also involved in the abuse of methamphetamine.

“Then the development was carried out, it turned out that the use of this narcotic type of methamphetamine also involved the Sepatan Police Chief. So this was examined by the Sector Police and it was proven,” said Zulpan.



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