The church of Teis does not close

It has been the bishopric that, through a statement, has confirmed the news this afternoon. “When the time comes, June 2023, the diocese will gratefully and responsibly assume the pastoral charge of the parish of San Francisco Javier de Vigo”, he pointed out.

According to the diocese’s account, it was at the beginning of the year when he became aware of the departure of the Jesuit fathers from Vigo. “From that very moment, contacts and conversations began with the Society of Jesus so that the temple dedicated to Saint Francis Javier would remain open as a parish church.”

This October 11, 2022, the Bishop of Tui-Vigo, Luis Quinteiro Fiuzahas received a letter from the provincial of the Jesuit Fathers in Spain, Antonio J. España Sánchez, in which he informs him of the possibility of the parish continuing its activities under the direct care of a diocesan priest.

“We are pleased with this decision that has been reached thanks to the generosity of the Society, the good disposition of the diocese and also the testimony of so many parishioners who have expressed their regret due to the possible closure of the church”, highlighted the bishopric, which says it understands “the sadness of the Jesuits at having to abandon a house and a work so dear to them”.