Like private companies, the United States government is in the process of moving workloads to the cloud and faces a similar set of challenges. Today, CircleCI, the continuous delivery development service, announced a partnership with AWS GovCloud to help federal government entities use AWS government platform to modernize its application development workflows.

“What this means is that it allows us to execute our offer of servers, which is our local offer, and our government clients can execute it in an exclusive dedicated resource in the cloud [on AWS GovCloud], “CircleCI CEO Jim Rose told TechCrunch.

GovCloud is a unique and dedicated tenant cloud platform that allows government entities to create secure cloud solutions that comply with FedRAMP (other cloud providers have similar offers). FedRAMP is a set of government standards for cloud security that any cloud provider must meet to work with the federal government

CircleCI creates modern continuous delivery / continuous integration (CI / CD) pipelines for development teams that drive application changes in a rapid change cycle.

“What GovCloud allows us to do now is to provide the same level of security and service for government customers who wanted us to do it in a premier environment in a dedicated single tenant environment. [in the cloud]”Rose explained.

While there are a number of steps involved in building cloud applications, Rose said they are clinging to their central strength in building continuous delivery pipelines. As he says, if you have an inherited mainframe application that changes once every year or two, using CircleCI would make no sense, but as it begins to modernize, that’s where your company could help.

“[CircleCi comes into play] when you enter more modern cloud applications that are changing in some cases hundreds of times a day, and the sources of change for those applications are becoming very diverse and management is becoming more complex, ”said Rose.

This partnership could involve working directly with an agency, as it has done with the Small Business Administration (SBA), or it could involve a systems integrator, or even AWS, inviting them to be part of a larger proposal request.

Rose says she realizes that working with the government can sometimes be controversial. Companies, from Chef to Salesforce and Google, have faced employees who do not want to work with certain agencies such as DoD or ICE. He says his company has tended to focus on areas where agencies seek to improve citizen interactions, and has moved away from other areas.

“From our perspective, since we are not super involved in many of those areas, but we want to get ahead, both commercially and on the government side, and determine what falls within the fence line and what is outside of that.” , said.

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