The circulation of a clip showing the “power of observation” of the Saudi Crown Prince during his reception in Jordan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Tweeters circulated a video clip that showed what they described as “intelligence” and “power of observation”, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, during his visit to Jordan, after he waited for Jordan’s King Abdullah II to ride in the front seat. to sit next to him.

The clip showed the Saudi crown prince’s escort opening the back door of the car, but Prince Mohammed bin Salman was watching the Jordanian monarch to see if he would drive the car himself, which he actually was.

The Saudi crown prince waited until King Abdullah got into the front seat behind the helm to sit next to him while the Jordanian crown prince, Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, sat in the back seat.

A number of tweeters sang strongly of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s observation and intelligence, who would have been in an embarrassing situation if he had not noticed that the Jordanian monarch would drive the car himself.

The visit of the Saudi Crown Prince to Jordan witnessed his imitation of the sanctuary of Sharif Al-Hussein bin Ali, and a joint statement was issued at the end of the visit between the two countries clarifying the political consensus between them on a number of regional issues.

It is noteworthy that Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to Adrian comes within a tour that he started in Egypt and will conclude on Wednesday with a visit to Turkey.