The city and agglomeration of Montluçon (Allier) ready for the Paris Olympics in 2024

In December 2020 and March 2021, the City and Montluçon Community obtained the Terre de jeux 2024 label respectively. They thus join some 1,500 communities in France who have committed to bringing the Olympic Games in Paris to life in their territory, over the next three years. .

We want to take the inhabitants on an adventure, that they feel involved.

Frédéric Laporte (Mayor of Montluçon and president of Montluçon Community)

It starts with schoolchildren. Exhibitions are planned, as well as exchanges with athletes, especially those participating in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo this year.

Protests over the next three years

Four itinerant ludo-sports grounds will make it possible to organize events in all the twenty-one municipalities of the agglomeration. The clubs will also be solicited for events to fight against sedentary lifestyle, such as sightrunning or cultural jogging.

Finally, only in 2024 and during the Games, an Olympic village will be set up, run by associations from the basin and including a fan-zone.

Welcoming teams in training and preparation

In terms of equipment, things are also moving. The delivery of the badminton section of the new Paul-Constans gymnasium will accommodate national teams. “We will be able to apply as a games preparation center”, indicates Sylvain Herbin, Land of games referent for the city and the agglomeration. “The French trial team should come in mid-July to train in the bike park. BMX should rush into this internship logic. “

The games could boost the modernization of other facilities, such as the Saint-Jean stadium. “The feasibility study for an athletics field has been launched. It can be delivered at the time of the Olympics or in the months that follow, ”suggests Mayor Frédéric Laporte.

Work on the future Paul-Constans sports complex has started in Montluçon (Allier) and should last until 2023 (March 2021)

Seher Turkmen
[email protected]

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