The city leads the way in real estate: eight out of ten families own their homes

In second place appears Ferrol, where two out of every ten homes are rented. In this way, the city of Lérez is the one that leads the real estate property in the community, since almost 80% of the families own their houses. In absolute figures, they are 17,400 without a mortgage and 7,600 still with outstanding payments in the bank. In percentages, this phenomenon occurs in 78% of cases, and the mortgage is largely paid off. Ferrol is also in second place, with 72%, ahead of Lugo and Ourense (71% in both cases), Santiago and Vigo (68%) and A Coruña, where they are around 67%. This is established in the barometer of the situation of Galician households prepared by the Galician Institute of Statistics (IGE) with data from 2020.

In addition to the property, with or without a mortgage, and the rent, the study includes another section, that of “assigned or another” system to dispose of a house. In this regard, in Pontevedra 7% of the properties (just over 2,200) respond to this modality, on the average of the other Galician cities, which are located in a strip of

It is clear, in view of this report, that the people of Pontevedra still prefer to own their homes before venturing into the world of renting, and one of the reasons may be that the fees paid for both concepts favor this evolution. . It is becoming cheaper to buy and more expensive to rent, according to the quotas offered by the IGE itself. Thus, the average expenditure of the people of Pontevedra on a mortgage last year was 427 euros per month, 15% less than a decade ago, when they exceeded 500. On the other hand, the average rate for renting a house in the city has experienced a notable increase in the same period, which is around 25%, to stand at 380 euros, almost eighty more than in 2007.

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In fact, the monthly rental fee is the second most expensive among the seven Galician cities, only surpassed by 383 euros in Vigo, ahead of A Coruña (372) and Santiago, the main university city in Galicia, where the market for rental is highly developed by the abundance of students. 23% of the homes in this municipality are rented, although it is not the city with the highest index.

That position corresponds to A Coruña, and A Vigo with about 27% of the rented flats, ahead of Santiago and Ourense (23%), Lugo (121%) and Ferrol (17.5%), and Lugo (20 %), all of them well ahead of the 15% of rented apartments in Pontevedra.

As for mortgages, on the banks of the Lérez, 24 out of every hundred families still pay their homes in installments to the banks, which translates into just over 7,500 families, half a thousand less than in 2017. It is the third percentage highest in the Galician cities, although in this case there are not as great differences as in the other modality, except in the case of Ourense, where only 13 out of every hundred households still carry this loan.

The 427 euros on average that are paid per month for these mortgages represent the fourth highest installment of the seven cities, behind the 466 euros in Compostela and the 457 in Vigo. The cheapest rate is that of Ferrol, with 322 euros in 2020, according to the IGE.

Price study

On the other hand, the average rental price of housing in Spain fell by 8.1% until September, compared to the same month of 2020, with falls in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona of 7.6% and 7.1%, respectively , according to data from the Idealista real estate portal. In the third quarter of the year, the average income fell by 1.4% compared to the previous quarter, to 10.5 euros per square meter.

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Regarding the provincial capitals, 34 reached the highest rental prices than a year ago, with Huesca as the capital in which it increased the most, 9.1%. The increase registered in Albacete (7.9%) was also considerable, followed by Pontevedra (6.4%) and Zamora (5.8%).

The greatest decreases were concentrated in Madrid, where this decrease was most noticeable, with a year-on-year fall of 7.7%, Orense (7.4%), Barcelona (7.3%), Malaga (4.7%) and Palma (4.1%). Despite these data, prices in these large markets have begun to recover during the last quarter and the quarterly variations show price increases in Barcelona (2%), Palma (1.9%), Madrid (1.5%) and Malaga (0.3%)

The Council analyzes the real poverty index of the municipality

The study on the reality of the population in a situation of poverty and / or social exclusion in the municipality of Pontevedra prepared by the Council will be ready this year. This was pointed out yesterday by Councilor Marcos Rey, who said that “the investigation began in the first week of May, with the search and drafting of the theoretical bases and background of knowledge related to poverty and social exclusion, in parallel with the preparatory actions for the next phase, which corresponds to data collection. ” In June contact began with entities of the Third Sector of Social Action, to request their collaboration as intermediaries in the search for people who are in a situation of poverty and / or exclusion, and in July other experts were contacted. “As a result, on July 22 we launched the data collection period, which included conducting interviews with vulnerable people, neighborhood associations and social entities and which is expected to end this week,” stressed the mayor. Benestar Social expects to begin in October with the phase of analysis and interpretation of the data and “finally, in November, we hope that the drafting of the conclusions of the study can be carried out. The delivery of the final report will be at the beginning of December ”, said the Socialist councilor.

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