the City of Ottawa Decrees a State of Emergency


Authorities expect that the level of a river will exceed this week-end that of the catastrophic floods of 2017.

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Canada's capital, Ottawa, pre-emptively declared a state of emergency on Thursday, April 25, against the floods threatening homes as heavy rains are expected.

No residence has been evacuated yet, but authorities expect the level of the Ottawa River, the main tributary of the St. Lawrence River, to exceed the peak of the 2017 catastrophic floods over the weekend. in Eastern Canada, the worst in half a century.

Up to 35 mm of rain is expected by Saturday in Ottawa, according to Ministry of the Environment forecasts, while the Ottawa River watershed is already bloated by snowmelt.

Deployed military

About 400 soldiers are scheduled to deploy in Ottawa Friday to fill sandbags and construct temporary dikes, according to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. "We can not do this alone anymore"said Watson at a press conference. "It's now beyond the capacity of the city, and that's why we've used the armed forces". At least three Ottawa neighborhoods are threatened by flooding.

On the other side of the river, in Quebec, a small dam threatens to give way under the pressure of rising water on a tributary of the Ottawa River, warned the Quebec authorities. About 250 people downstream of the dam were being evacuated, as a precaution, near Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, 80 km northwest of Montreal, they said.

Nearly 1,000 soldiers remained mobilized Thursday in Quebec, where more than 2,500 homes were flooded and more than 900 people evacuated, according to the agency Urgence Québec.

About 300 soldiers were also deployed in New Brunswick, east of Quebec, where the floods resulted in the closure of several kilometers of the main highway connecting Canada from coast to coast.

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