The classics of McDonalds, and of the Moroccan rap and pop scene, land again, and set the bar even higher! | Conso news

Both classic and young! This is the dilemma that Mc Donald’s Morocco was able to solve in its latest advertising campaign “classics b’flow jdid”, which woke up the dozing teenagers in us.

To solve this difficult equation, the idea of ​​the campaign was to draw a parallel between the “Classic” artists of the Moroccan music scene and the classic McDonald’s burgers (Royal Cheese, Double Cheese and the Big Mac).

Thus, the brand called on three legends of the New Moroccan Scene: H-Kayn, Hoba Hoba Spirit and Don Bigg. The latter embody, in fact, all the messages that the brand’s products are supposed to convey, namely: the classic character of burgers, classic in the sense of essential, unavoidable and part of a history and an experience which are written every day, without ever going out of fashion.

There is also the sure value side, as it is about art. Mc Donald’s burgers are also safe bets, given that they meet world-wide standardized quality standards; and then, ultimately, a burger is also a whole art of putting together scattered ingredients to find, at the end, a unique, juicy and tasty taste.

In terms of the creation and technical production of the commercial, the products and songs present in the film have both undergone a “remastering”. The “flow jdid” on the musical part was provided by Draganov, who remastered the emblematic music of H-KAYNE, Hoba Hoba Spirit, and Bigg.

As for McDonald’s classics, they have become hotter, juicier and tastier.

This campaign brought up to date, things that we all appreciate, straight from a beautiful era that seems so far away today.