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the clause that leaves Vox out in Madrid

Vox agreed to a "contract" with the PP that does not guarantee the demands for power that it now places on the table as supposed irrevocable conditions. The document recognizes the integration of Vox proportionally to its seats in "councils of government" and managerial responsibilities in public bodies. But this generic formula does not require that there be representatives of Vox in the Governing Board of the City Council. The councilors of government can be area councilors, who are in the Governing Board, or delegates councilors in competitions, second levels, which depend on the area councilor, and who no longer pose, which is what seems to worry so much Vox, in the photo presided by the popular José Luis Martínez-Almeida as the new mayor of Madrid.

It could have been the lack of experience of the Vox delegation or the fatigue caused by late Saturday morning., which closed the pact that allowed Almeida's proposal to go ahead, but the strict sense of the agreed terms allows the PP to maintain that there is no express commitment for Vox to be on the first line of Almeida's Government. It allows them to sustain them and also served as a "trap" for Citizens (Cs) to give their consent to the document agreed "in extremis", even though they later refused to stamp their signature on it. A gesture coherent with the policy with which the party of Albert Rivera is managing these negotiations to obtain the support of Vox to the governments in which it is entering: the technique of disguising the reality, although it is not serving to avoid that in the opinion public is installed the perception that Cs is not agreeing with the PSOE, but it is doing with Vox.

Returning to the "contract" between the PP and Vox, those of Abascal have given a new return to their argumentation to support now the demand of the entrance in the first level of the municipal and autonomic Government, with several councils in the latter case, knowing that it is a demand that threatens to blow up the agreement to invest Isabel Díaz Ayuso as president of the Community of Madrid.

The perception that Rivera has done poorly in the post-election negotiation for his own results and for the air he has given Pablo Casado reduces the margin of the orange formation even further to cross the red line of refusing to govern with Vox, although it is doing it in fact since the power exerts it thanks to the votes of the Abascal party. But it is also that within the PP, within the same national direction, there are important reluctance to that scenario occurs.

Vox is not being denied power or budget, on the contrary. Even covertly and in those second levels can get advantages that exceed their representativeness, just because it is essential for the PP-Cs coalition to work. Maybe it's just what they're playing at, raise the ante to get more. So what remains to be seen is whether the decision to raise the stake to require that the coalition is a tripartite bluff, to catch even more power, or not. In the negotiations behind the scenes at national level, Vox is putting all the pressure on the PP to get «posts».

Under the noise, it can be said that the role of the "new politics" in the negotiation of these post-electoral pacts is helping to turn things around even more intensely around the fight to occupy "armchairs" and control Budget. Citizens and Podemos have reinvented their arguments to justify that the priority on this occasion is not so much the program as translating their seats into positions, and in this there is no difference with the last party, Vox, just arrived at the regional Assemblies and the municipal Plenary.

Yesterday, the contacts between PP and Vox were resumed under the threat of the Santiago Abascal party to break the negotiations and destabilize the future Government of Madrid or Murcia, which depend on the understanding of the center-right.

The crisis is sustained only in a fight for power. Vox no longer does cause with the requirement of a negotiation table to three in which he feels Cs, for example. Nor does it make its main programmatic demands, the essences that in theory differentiate them from the right "complexed", the PP, and, of course, Citizens, such as policies against gender violence or immigration.

Yesterday it was again a day of cross-contradictory messages. In the afternoon there was a long meeting between the popular Almeida and the deputy secretary of Organization, Javier Maroto, and, on the part of Vox, Espinosa de los Monteros and Javier Ortega Smith. Hours after the Vox candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, make sure that "we have a lot of time to sit down to negotiate, if there are reliable partners, we have all summer, until September 11, we have infinite time". The appointment was closed when he made these statements.

"It's not possible"

At the end of the meeting, Almeida explained that Vox's proposals had seemed "reasonable." A few hours earlier he had indicated that he did not know what the Voxans wanted, despite having signed the agreement that made him mayor last Saturday. And the "reasonable" came after Vox had spent the whole day defending entering the municipal and regional government in the front line. Genoa only pointed out in relation to Vox's demands that "the area councilor is to be on the Governing Board and we have already said that this is not possible".

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