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An unmanned gift shop “ANA FESTA GO” opened at Haneda Airport on August 27th. The store was jointly opened by ANA FESTA and TOUCH TO GO (TTG), which develops unmanned payment systems. The cameras and sensors installed in the store recognize the products picked up by customers in real time. Since the automatically calculated amount is settled by self-checkout, “completely unmanned accounting” is realized.

At gift shops in the airport, which are often used by business people who want to prepare souvenirs quickly, a sense of convenience and speed is required in the flow of product purchase. ANA FESTA wants to attract customers by speeding up accounting by introducing unmanned payment stores. I tried at an actual store to see how fast I could shop.

“ANA FESTA GO” is located on the first basement floor of Terminal 2, near the north exit of the Tokyo Monorail. It is adjacent to the “ANA FESTA Haneda B1 Floor Gift Store” (manned store) that opened on the same day. There is an entrance gate in front of the store, and a payment area and entry gate on the left side. The store area is about 40 square meters, and there are about 100 kinds of sweets for souvenirs, ANA original products, lunch boxes / beverages, miscellaneous goods, etc., centering on popular products of all “ANA FESTA” stores at Haneda Airport.

Customers enter one by one from the entrance gate and pick up the products they want like ordinary shopping. Then, about 18 cameras and about 200 sensors installed in the store recognize which customer picked up which product and how many. When you select a product and stand in the checkout area, the type and quantity of the product and the total amount are automatically displayed on the monitor. It is said that even if the product once picked up is returned to the shelf or the product before accounting is put in one’s bag etc., it is basically recognized correctly.

▲ Take two retort curries and put one back on the shelf.

This time, for verification, I returned one of the two retort curries I picked up to the shelf, picked up another product, and headed to the accounting area with them in my bag.

▲ I also bought a sandwich next to it.

▲ When you put the product in your bag and head to the accounting area with nothing at hand–

The accounting monitor displayed two items that I finally got.

In addition to transportation electronic money and credit cards, cash can also be used as payment methods. QR code payment will also be introduced in the future. By the way, as with the conventional “ANA FESTA” stores, by reading a card with ANA miles at the time of checkout, 1 mile will be given for every 100 yen purchased, and 1 mile will be given for every 200 yen paid with an ANA card. Also, as with regular stores, if you are an ANA card holder and purchase 1,000 yen (tax included) or more, you will get a 5% discount on your bill.

▲ If you choose a payment method and pay the price, it’s OK.

The entry gate opens when payment is completed. Bags for storing products are prepared under the self-checkout table, and you can freely take bags for subdivision.

There is no need to read the barcode of the product at the time of checkout, and the recognition speed is very smooth. If it is a transportation IC card, the accounting itself will be completed in about 10 seconds. If you have decided what you want to buy in advance, it may take about 1 minute from entering the store to purchasing. By the way, the products in the store are displayed in a popularity ranking format by price range, so it is said that they are devised so that they can be easily selected according to budget and purpose.

▲ Inside the “ANA FESTA GO”

“ANA FESTA GO” not only improves the accounting speed, but also has the advantages of saving labor and labor in stores and non-face-to-face in the case of corona damage. ANA FESTA is considering expanding to regional airports where there is a shortage of workers, in addition to base airports that require a sense of speed, and says, “I want to expand at once in the near future.”

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