The closure of Shanghai is about to collapse! He reluctantly poked his nose 30 times and exposed “Quick Screen Gundam” to shock the net | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reported by the International Center / Xu Zhichao

▲ Some netizens in Shanghai shared that the city was locked down and screened 30 times at home. (Schematic diagram / Photo by reporter Chen Yi)

The epidemic in China is severe, and Shanghai is under lockdown. Many people can only stay at home and live a life of isolation. Recently, some netizens shared that he was locked up at home for too long due to the epidemic, and he was quite bored, so he installed the steel bullets on a “quick screen floating cannon” on a whim. As soon as the post came out, it also aroused heated discussions among netizens.

A Chinese netizen “TBS-Yao Tuan” recently posted several photos on “Weibo”, and saw that he placed a “floating gun” behind the assembled Gundam to make the overall shape more gorgeous, but take a closer look , The “floating gun” at the rear is actually composed of 30 quick screens.

“TBS-Taro Group” said that due to the closure of Shanghai, they could only be locked at home, and they often performed quick screening to ensure whether they were diagnosed. My supplies are okay, but the time I was detained this time was a bit long.”

Chinese netizens used a quick sieve to transform a floating gun into a Gundam.  (Picture / Retrieved from TBS-Taro Group Weibo)

▲ Chinese netizens used a quick sieve to transform a floating gun into a Gundam. (Picture / Retrieved from TBS-Taro Group Weibo)

This post was reposted by “Wannian Donghai Model Toys”, attracting more than 3,000 likes, and they left a message exclaiming, “He is a fast-screening rich man without error”, “Oh my God, there are so many, how many times will my nose be inserted”, “It’s too dark, it’s too scary to mess with”, “Symbol of wealth”, “The most terrifying Gundam”, “The Infinite Quick Screen of Strange Gundam”, “It’s a Biochemical Gundam”.

However, there are also many people who think that there are hygiene problems, “It’s quite unhygienic to put it like this, you should spray more alcohol”, “Do you need to poke so fiercely? It’s uncomfortable to see the nostrils”, “It’s better to throw it away after poking it. , a little evil”. In this regard, the command center once pointed out that the household quick-screening reagents and reagent sticks that have been collected and tested should not be discarded arbitrarily. Please seal them in plastic bags and dispose of them as general garbage.

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