Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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The club of the former welcomes members with open arms


The club of the elders of the Three-Cities still has no president or president but a dual vice-presidency formed by Jacquotte Pineau and Louis Vital. It works very well like that for a year. Then why change. On the other hand, as it had announced a year ago, Renée Béguier has left the function of treasurer after 18 years of good and loyal services. Viviane Clogged succeeded him. Jean-Pierre Patrier, for his part, made his entry in the board of directors, Mary Bastière who also decided to pass the hand, after 19 years of volunteer work flawless.
The membership of the club drop, alas, from year to year. 62 members today. 110 and more in the early 2000s. the ” It is very difficult to recruit ” confirms the members of the bureau. However, the members love their club and they feel good. The proposed activities take into serious account their expectations. It is for this reason that the new board of directors has decided to eliminate the annual trip this year. Only 8 people had registered last year. The trip will be replaced by a fourth annual dinner.

Increase contribution

The activities 2018 are already planned. There will always be afternoon games on Tuesday in the CSC place of France and the Wednesday at the residence Marie-Louise Troubat. Are also announced one afternoon, “donuts” on Tuesday, February 13, meals, Tuesday 3 April, 19 June (country buffet), 25 September and Saturday 15 December (end of year dinner). Next to finance, ” the life increases so much that we are obliged to increase contributions “ ” said Jean-Claude Berlaud on behalf of the board of directors. The annual dues maintained at 13€ for several years will therefore increase from€ 1, as the rate of the taste that goes of€ 1.20 to€1.30 per share.

Board of directors 2018: Vice-president Jacquotte Pineau; Vice-president Louis Vital; Treasurer Viviane Clogged; assistant Treasurer Brigitte Seguin; Secretary-Gilette Fleury; assistant Secretary Jean-Claude Berlaud. Members: Michel Bouet, Micheline Chang Che Lai, Liliane Gauthier, Jacques Paillat, Nicole Sheepishly, Maurice Found, Sylvie Rivière, and Jean-Pierre Patrier.

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