The coach is also the victim of a massive fraud worth over 30 million euros

It is not a lucky period for the Inter manager Antonio Conte. After the second place in the league just one point behind Juventus and after the defeat in the Europa League final against Sevilla, the former Juventus and Chelsea coach has been trying to recover 30 million euros of an investment for two months gone (evidently) badly, among an alleged scam which also includes some false documents of HSBC, one of the most important investment banks in the world. Moreover, HSBC, unrelated to the matter, is not just any credit institution. He is well known in the world of football, also because from 2008 to 2018 he was advisor to the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò, and in the running to become the administrator of the League in 2018 there was also Marzio Perrelli, former Goldman Sachs as well as former CEO of HSBC Italy and now vice president of Sky Sport.

The story comes from London. Two sentences of the English commercial court account for this. The first is dated 17 July, the other more recent in August, i.e. an order for payment against Massimo Bochicchio , born in 1966, an Italian investor based in England, owner of multiple investment companies . Bochicchio had a past in HSBC, between 2006 and 2012, in the Global Banking & amp; Markets. Then, as evidenced by the curriculum, he started his own business. The English judge Dave Foxton in the sentence of July 17 explains in detail the facts. In practice, the eight applicants at the London commercial court – in addition to Conte there are seven others including Superb Sport Limited – would have realized last year that they ended up in a scam that Bochicchio would have carried out through his company Kidman.

Under the agreements, in fact, the Italian manager had promised fruitful, high-yielding investments. After a back and forth that lasted months, the eight expected a payment of 33.1 million euros by 30 June 2020. They did not arrive. So in the summer of this year Conte and the others tried at least to get back the sums invested in past years. But Bochicchio does not pay. The defendants thus decide to send an email on July 7, but they even discover that the address is false. According to the judge, the evidence is clear. In practice, Bochicchio had convinced them of the investment in Kidman because it was connected and guaranteed by HSBC. The same credit institution explained during the trial that it has no role in this company or that it has any kind of connection through its subsidiaries. Also on trial, Bochicchio denied HSBC’s involvement. But it was Antonio Conte who brought to the judge a document that seemed to come from the investment bank, a piece of paper that later turned out to be false. Precisely on this is based the decision of the English commercial court which verified how the money that had been entrusted to Bochicchio had been invested in other ways and not as promised.

The manager should now have – by the end of July – pay off his debt. He didn’t do it this time either. At this point the order for payment arrived. And Bochicchio had its $ 61.4 million assets frozen, including luxury properties in Miami, Italy and London. Among these is the luxurious house in Holland Park where Conte lived at the time of Chelsea and where his brother Gianluca remained, who was a consultant to Bochicchio in Tiber Capital. . Current accounts in the UK, Credit Suisse and HSBC were also blocked. He risks the seizure of assets if he does not comply with the injunction. Among these, 6.5 million pounds must be paid to Palesa Sarl, a company in Luxembourg and 30.6 million euros to Conte.

The scam would have been carried out even with false prospectuses by Kidman herself, with amazing performance hypotheses.

There is not only Conte among the cheated illustrious. Philanthropist Leona Koenig , founder of Imfoundation for children, also claims she was deceived by Bochicchio . He had made him believe that the company was part of HSBC. It burned 3.9 million euros.

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