“We are rather optimistic on the future of coal.” These words of the president of the world Association of coal (WCA), Benjamin Sporton, the German daily close ecologists die Tageszeitung (taz), who was extensively interrogated. At the time where takes place the COP23, the declarations of the spokesman of industrial coal, attached to the “advocacy u.s. for coal and nuclear energy”, which generated controversy in Bonn, are the effect of a provocation. It is “as if it was the promotion of tobacco during a conference on cancer”, has released on Twitter the former New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg, now un special envoy for cities and climate change. But Germany is not spared either : “What is the ‘coalition Jamaica’ [TOSCSU, liberals, and Greens, in the course of negotiations] ?”, queries the berlin daily. That the Greens can come to a bad compromise on the coal concerned about the taz, because “the output of the coal will only occur if the policies require it”.

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