Home News The cohabitant, already sentenced for murder, was imprisoned

The cohabitant, already sentenced for murder, was imprisoned

The 65-year-old man, suspected of slitting his 85-year-old partner in Vienna, was indicted and imprisoned. (Drawing – Ringo H.W. Chiu / AP / SIPA

The concubine of the octogenarian, found slaughtered at her home in Vienna, near
Lyon, was detained Wednesday night, according to the prosecutor's office
Grenoble. The man, aged 65, was indicted. He is suspected of having killed his companion, 20 years older than her.

The suspect is also being prosecuted for attempted murder on his 72-year-old neighbor, who was stabbed in the hand, said Eric Vaillant, the public prosecutor.

Already sentenced for murder in 2003

It was as a result of the aggression of the septuagenarian Monday night that the relief had intervened and had made the macabre discovery.

The sexagenarian had already been sentenced in 2003 to 12 years imprisonment for murder. In view of his criminal record, the police had decided to enter his apartment, located on the upper floor. They had discovered in a room the body of his concubine, aged 85, slashed with knives.

According to the latest official figures available, in France, 130 women were killed in 2017 by their partner or former spouse.


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