The collaboration between Cáritas and the Chiclana City Council to attend to vulnerable groups has been renewed

Cáritas, December 27, 2022.- This morning, December 27, the signing of two collaboration agreements between the Chiclana de la Frontera City Council and Cáritas Diocesana de Cádiz has taken place, thus renewing the good collaboration between both entities and having an impact in caring for vulnerable groups by Cáritas in the locality.

On behalf of the Chiclana City Council, he has signed two separate agreements Ana Gonzálezfirst deputy mayor, who has been accompanied by Francisco Salado, Social Services delegate. Likewise, Vicente Pablo Ortells Polodirector of Cáritas Diocesana de Cádiz, has signed on behalf of Cáritas.

The agreement that aims to support social care for homeless and the maintenance of Father Francisco Almandoz Social Center It is endowed with 42,000 euros. He Father Francisco Almandoz Social Center has been recently blessed by Monsignor Zornoza, Bishop of Cádiz and Ceuta, when it was transferred from Calle Palomar to its current location on Calle Iro. For its part, the agreement that will support the project “Insert Clothes” It will have an endowment of 11,000 euros.

He Social Care Service for homeless people offers welcome and individualized attention, coffee, internet access, hygiene service, laundry, clothing store and breakfast service. The service is run by volunteers and by a social worker and a social integrator who coordinate with the Chiclana City Council’s care network for homeless people and with other public and private entities in the Bahía de Cádiz framework.

At the same time, insert clothes makes available to the Cáritas de Chiclana teams a service «on line» to select and request clothing with which to meet the social need in the clothing of the people and families that they welcome and accompany. The clothes come from the donations that are collected in the containers at the collection points and that are treated and sanitized for their social delivery through the insertion company of Cáritas Diocesana de Cádiz Inserta Cádiz SL

After signing the agreements Ana González has declared that «from the Chiclana City Council we continue working so that no one is left behind. Thus, the commitment of this municipal government to invest in social resources is once again revealed”. “We are talking about fighting for a more just and equal society and that we have a better world every day.” Likewise, the director of Cáritas Diocesana thanked the City Council for the support that Cáritas receives every year because “thanks to this good relationship we can continue to serve families and the homeless in Chiclana.”

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