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The collision of a truck and a train in the Kuban affected 18 people

Despite the alarm, a truck drove in front of the approaching train on the way. Collisions could not be avoided. For help after the accident turned 15 passengers. Also injured were both drivers and assistant train driver.

Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

In the Krasnodar Territory at a railway crossing between the stations Timashevskaya and Vedmidovka, a train and a truck traveling from Minsk to Adler collided. This is stated in the message on the website of the North Caucasus Railway.

The incident, according to the press service, occurred on the night of November 3. "Today at 4:10 Moscow time <...> the truck driver left for the railway crossing with a properly functioning alarm in front of the approaching passenger train No. 301, ”representatives of the railway said. To prevent an accident, the train driver, according to their data, applied emergency braking, but the distance was insufficient and collision could not be avoided.

For help after the accident turned 15 passengers of the train. All of them, as told in the press service, have minor injuries. Also injured in the accident were the driver and assistant driver. The truck driver, according to representatives of Russian Railways, was taken to hospital.

Due to the incident, as told in the press service, the delay of passenger trains No. 103 by Adler – Moscow and No. 335 by Ekaterinburg – Novorossiysk is now expected. Currently, the movement of trains in the area where the accident occurred, is carried out on a nearby track.

Check on the fact of the incident has already begun by the police. About this TASS told the press service of the regional central board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “According to preliminary data, a man born in 1979, driving a Kamaz truck, at an unregulated crossing did not give an advantage in movement and made a collision with a long-distance train,” the agency said. After the accident, according to the police, hospitalization was required not only for the driver of the truck, but also for the train driver and his assistant.

Locomotive, as added in the press service, after the collision "on rails is not subject to."


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