The Colorado Avalanche wins overtime and is a step away from the Stanley Cup

Nazems Kadri secured the Avalanche in the 13th minute of the overtime. He was also named the first star of the game.

The frame gate caused a bit of confusion as the puck got stuck in the gate between the structure and the net. Only a few seconds later, the Avlanche players realized that they had won the match.

Staff wins goal in overtime

This was the second victory for the Colorado team in the extra time, as even in the first game, the teams did not have enough 60 minutes to determine the winner.

The fifth game in the series will take place at the Avalanche home in Denver. This match is scheduled for Friday.

The Tampa Lightning Stanley Cup has won a total of three times and has been a champion for the past two years. The Avalanche, on the other hand, was crowned champion only twice, the last in 2001.

It has already been reported that the only representative of Latvia in the Stanley Cup this year was Teodors Blugers, whose Pittsburgh Penguins were unable to beat the first round.

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