The company of “friends” was missing on an important day: he talked about why not even Lukashenko was standing next to Putin.

Guesses that Belarus may be involved in the war in Ukraine have resumed. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov has expressed the idea that Putin will force Lukashenko to attack in the direction of Lutsk-Lviv.

The Russian publicist does not believe in such a scenario.

“He will never do that, Putin demanded it a month ago,” Piontkovsky said.

According to him, Lukashenko knows that 95 percent. Belarusian troops are against participation in the war in Ukraine.

“He understands that in this situation his army will become the national legion of Belarus, which will overthrow him,” Piontkovsky explained.

However, Putin, the host of the parade, could have had no motives not to invite guests.

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