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The completely renewed MacBook Air takes off

New York. – Apple introduced a completely renewed MacBook Air, with a spectacular 13-inch Retina display, Touch ID and state-of-the-art processors. In addition, the most adored notebook in the world now comes with a design that is easier to carry around. The new MacBook Air retains the battery that characterizes it and lasts all day, and comes in three majestic finishes: gold, silver and space gray. The most accessible Mac with Retina display also includes an Apple-designed keyboard, a large Force Touch trackpad, faster SSDs, wider stereo sound, the Apple T2 Security chip and Thunderbolt 3, which transform the new MacBook Air into the perfect notebook To carry around.

"The first MacBook Air revolutionized the Mac with its iconic aluminum structure. It transformed the laptops industry forever and became the most beloved notebook in the world, "says Phillip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "The renewal of the MacBook Air began with the spectacular Retina display and the battery that lasts all day, and then we incorporated Touch ID and the Apple T2 Security chip, the most modern processors on the market, an incredible sound, the third generation keyboard and the Force Touch trackpad, the high-speed Thunderbolt 3 ports and, of course, the Mojave macOS, in an elegant, lighter and thinner aluminum design that will surely awaken the adoration of a new generation of MacBook Air users. "

The MacBook Air now comes with Retina display

The new MacBook Air comes with a spectacular 13.3-inch Retina display with a resolution of more than 4 million pixels, so that text and images look more dazzling and with greater definition in Mojave macOs. And with 48% more colors than the previous generation, the images have a realism never seen before.one The new MacBook Air also comes with an integrated FaceTime HD camera, perfect for Group FaceTime calls with friends and family, and a three-microphone system for better call quality or better speech recognition when talking to Siri.

Now with Touch ID and the Apple T2 Security chip

The MacBook Air now has Touch ID, a fingerprint sensor built into the keyboard, which allows you to easily and quickly unlock your MacBook Air and verify your identity. Touch ID works with the Apple T2 Security chip, which makes your notebook even more secure. The Secure Enclave co-processor of the T2 chip protects the Touch ID information and also verifies that the software that is loaded during boot has not been corrupted. The T2 also has an SSD driver with automatic encryption that protects all the data stored in the SSD. All this allows the MacBook Air to offer a safer boot and storage process than any other notebook. In addition, the T2 has a processor that is always active for the operation of "Hey Siri", which allows you to ask Siri things simply with your voice when you want to search for a file or open an app.

Latest generation keyboard and the best trackpad in the industry

The MacBook Air also comes with the third-generation keyboard designed by Apple to write more accurately and offer better responsiveness. Each key is individually backlit with low power LEDs for more precise lighting. The new MacBook Air also includes the best Force Touch trackpad in the industry, with a size 20% larger than the previous generation of the MacBook Air, pressure sensors and haptic response, for a trackpad use much more intuitive and with more possibilities .

Most exquisite and immersive audio experience

With more advanced audio processing technology and speakers, the MacBook Air offers better stereo audio and playback quality, making watching movies and listening to music a more immersive experience than ever. The speakers have 25% more volume and double the bass than the previous generation, for a wider range and a richer sound.one

Performance for your daily activities

The new MacBook Air comes with an Intel Core i5 eighth generation processor, Intel UHD Graphics and up to 16 GB of 2133 MHz memory, so you have the performance you need for your everyday activities, such as organizing photos, surfing the web , create presentations or watch and edit videos. The MacBook Air also comes with SSD up to 1.5 TB, up to 60% faster than the previous generation, so you can load apps and open files faster and responsive than ever.

With faster memory and the latest processors and graphics, the MacBook Air offers the performance you need to organize your photos, surf the web or create presentations.

Thunderbolt 3, the most versatile port

The MacBook Air now comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports that allow you to charge your notebook, transfer data quickly through USB and Thunderbolt, transfer videos in three formats and connect to a wide range of devices such as external drives, docks with additional ports, monitors 4K and 5K and eGPU for faster graphic processing. There was never such a versatile port. With more than 700 Thunderbolt 3 devices in a growing ecosystem, coupled with thousands of USB-C devices, the MacBook Air allows you to take full advantage of a completely new generation of accessories.

The Thunderbolt 3 ports of the new MacBook Air allow you to charge your notebook, transfer data quickly and connect to a wide range of devices, all from the same port.

A totally renewed design easier to take everywhere and the most ecological Mac until today

The new MacBook Air combines these features in a completely renovated structure smaller and lighter than ever, and offers up to 12 hours of battery for wireless web browsing and up to 13 hours of playback in iTunes.two The new MacBook Air has a significantly smaller size, since it has 17% less volume, is 10% thinner, measures only 1.56 cm at its thickest point and weighs only 1.25 kg, that is, more than 100 g less than the previous generation.

The MacBook Air is now more portable than ever and its structure is made of 100% recycled aluminum.

In addition, the structure of the MacBook Air is made of an aluminum alloy designed by Apple that for the first time uses 100% recycled aluminum, and has the same strength, durability and spectacular finish that the aluminum of all Apple products.3 With this aluminum alloy specially designed for the MacBook Air, its carbon footprint is reduced by almost 50%, which makes it the greenest Mac in history.4

Radeon Pro Vega Graphics available for MacBook Pro next month

Apple also today announced the new graphics processor options for the MacBook Pro, including Radeon Pro Vega for the first time. These new options offer graphical processing up to 60% faster for more complex video editions, 3D design and workload rendering.one

macOS Mojave

All new Mac come with macOS Mojave, the latest version of the most sophisticated desktop operating system in the world, with new features inspired by the most advanced users but designed for everyone to enjoy. In macOS Mojave, the new Dark Mode allows transforming the desktop with a new dramatic aesthetic that puts the focus on the content of the user. The new functionality Pilas allows to organize the messiest desks, automatically stacking the files in neat groups. And now some of the best-known iOS apps come to the Mac for the first time, including News, Bag, Voice Notes and Home. FaceTime allows calls in groups, and the Mac App Store has a completely renewed design, with a large offer of editorial content and a wide variety of apps from leading developers such as Microsoft and Adobe.

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