The compliments of an American to Spanish health regarding that of her country: “I have recovered my life”

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In recent months we have been able to see how complaints about the deterioration of health have multiplied. From the protests over the lack of doctors in Primary Care, through those of resident doctors who accumulate more hours worked than they should, to concern about the long waiting lists of patients waiting for surgery.

seen from outside. However, Spanish public health continues to be a kind of ‘miracle’ for those foreigners who do not enjoy a similar system in their countries of origin. This is the case of Kim, a young New Yorker who currently lives in Madrid and who has drawn attention on social networks by comparing the health coverage of the United States with that of Spain.

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A series of 4 videos

General context. “There is no public health in the United States. I think that the countries that do have it do not understand how it works here, ”explains Kim in her first video. In addition, she says that at her old job they gave her a choice between 3 health insurance plans: “The cheapest option was not cheap at all,” she complains. The young woman affirms that she paid 300 dollars a month apart from the punctual dermatology or cardiology visits, which could be 60 dollars each.

not fit for poor. Kim emphasizes the difficulties that many people have in being able to afford medical insurance in conditions. “It’s a system that puts you on the ropes. If you have an emergency, you’re screwed,” she says of those who don’t have insurance and are forced to pay thousands of dollars in case of a major contingency.

Go viral on Twitter. His latest video, in which he praises the virtues of the Spanish health system, has been the one that has had the most impact. Especially since it has been shared by Dra. Elena Casado Pineda on Twitter (@Medicilio).

In this clip, he explains that he currently lives in Madrid and that he pays for a private health insurance of $30 a month that covers everything. An economic situation very different from the one she lived in the United States. “When I arrived in Spain I was shocked”, she begins by saying. In fact, he confesses that when they explained to him that she could go to the hospital without paying anything, he didn’t believe it.

“I have recovered years of life by getting rid of the anxiety of constantly thinking about health plans or how much it might cost me to have to go to the emergency room.”

More Featured Phrases. “Your quality of life skyrockets when you don’t have to think about paying thousands of dollars to get sick” or “My friends who have been able to access residency and the Spanish public health system are not going to return to the United States, so that understand me”, are some of the most outstanding phrases of the video. “I want to see how one day this is normal in the United States,” she concludes.

in numbers. At the time of writing these lines, the clip has more than 725,000 impressions on Twitter, more than 260,000 reproductions, it has 7,6000 “likes” and more than 2,500 retweets.

top comments. “The cost of healthcare was one of the reasons why I did not go to live in the US. It is a stress and cost that we are not used to. I wonder how Spanish migrants take it there,” he explains. @FM0ral3s. “I corroborate it by my years there. And that I have not experienced anything serious, but… cloth. And even if you have insurance and the most expensive… copays galore,” he says @LAURAGLM in the same line.

Via @kimnaps and @Medicilio

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