The composition of Light Conversion shareholders is changing

Changes in UAB Light Conversion, which manufactures femtosecond lasers and parametric optical generators. One of the co-founders was replaced by a new shareholder. 25 percent The shares in the laser company are acquired by 7-Industries, a family-owned company.

Growing in global markets, the femtosecond laser manufacturing company has gone through various stages of business development and expansion. Offers to buy shares in Light Conversion have been constantly received, but it was 7-Industries that convinced the company’s founders and shareholders that investors are serious about contributing to the company’s further development.

“The main reasons for our decision are the investor’s success story as a minority shareholder, partnerships with leading high-tech companies and a clear and strategic goal of the investor to contribute to the company’s development and value growth without a defined time horizon. That’s what makes 7-Industries different from most financial investors, who often sell their shares in a few years’ time, ”says Dr. Dr. Light Conversion, one of the company’s founders. Romualdas Danielius.

“We are very pleased to have become shareholders of Light Conversion. We have been here for a long time and we hope that together with the shareholders and the impressive Light Conversion team we will contribute to the development and growth of the company, ”commented the representatives of 7-Industries.

All shares were sold to 7-Industries by dr. Algirdas Juozapavičius, who has been leading Light Conversion since its founding in 1994. From 2019 he became a management advisor, and the position of director in the company was taken over by dr. Martynas Barkauskas. Other shareholders sold a small portion of their shares.

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The shares of Light Conversion belong to the Chairman of the Board of the company dr. Romualdas Danielis, Vida Piskarskiene, 7-Industries, dr. Valdas Sirutkaitis. 5 percent shares belong to UAB LC Option II, during which the employees of Light Conversion were implemented.optionų” Program.

At the time of the transaction, the financial advisor to the selling shareholders was Superia, and the legal advisor was TGS Baltic. Buyers were advised on legal matters by Cobalt and financially audited by Light Conversion. The amount of the transaction is not disclosed.

Apie „7-Industries“

7-Industries is a single-family office owned by Ms. Ruthi Wertheimer. R. Wertheimer is a representative of the second generation family company IMC Group. For the family in 2006 Following the sale of most of the company to US investor Berkshire Hathaway, Ms Wertheimer set up a family office, 7-Industries.

7-Industries invests in innovative and high-tech companies in the industrial and life sciences sectors through partnerships. Over the past fifteen years, 7-Industries has invested in more than 10 companies in Europe in sensor manufacturing, imaging, photonics and robotics.

Apie „Light Conversion“

The laser-producing plant currently employs over 320 people. The opening of a new production annex is planned for the end of this year. In the new 11,200 sq. M. m premises will house laboratories, production of laser systems, research, as well as a block of clean rooms – production facilities that meet high standards of cleanliness, where highly sensitive laser components will be assembled.

Lasers produced by Light Conversion are used in mobile devices, medical equipment, car injectors, etc. in production. The main customers are industry and research institutions, and the main products are femtosecond lasers and their systems, most of which are exported to the world’s largest science and industry centers in Germany, Australia, Japan, the USA, China and the United Kingdom. The company has offices in the United States, China and South Korea.

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