The confessed murderer of the girl Laia alleges that he mistook her for a thief | Catalonia

Juan Francisco López, 43, killed Laia Alsina, 13, in the apartment where he had settled in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona). No one doubts it, not even the accused. The discrepancy arises in the how. And, above all, in why. The prosecutor has spoken of a “brutal brutal murder, as you cannot imagine”, before the popular jury that from this Monday decides the fate of López. The defense has assured that it was a “reckless homicide” and has subscribed to the chaos theory: the man’s life was a complete disaster, on the day of the events he had consumed cocaine and alcohol and did not know what he was doing. His world was falling apart. He lost contact with reality ”, defended his lawyer.

López was arrested the afternoon the crime occurred, June 4, 2018. Since then, he has been in provisional prison. The prosecution and the lawyers for the minor’s family have made an effort, in the first session of the trial, to explain that the accused was fully aware of what he was doing. Not only did he kidnap the girl on the landing of the apartment block, but he suffocated her, tried to sexually assault her and, when he had her on the threshold of death, cut her on various parts of her body.

The defense has alleged that, with his mind clouded by drugs, the man found someone in his apartment and thought he was a thief. He took a knife from the kitchen “to defend himself.” And he killed Laia without knowing that he had a girl in front of him: without meaning to. The accusations have vehemently replied that this hypothesis is implausible. And they have asked the popular jury to be attentive to the evidence: for example, that López showered and cleaned up the crime scene. The knife injuries, the family lawyer has said, were caused to build an alibi: that of the alleged robbery.

On video, the statements of Sonia López, mother of the girl murdered in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) in 2018, when leaving the first session of the trial this Monday. (EFE)

17 steps

Laia’s crime is a case of absolute fatality. The grandparents went to look for the girl at school, who was leaving the colonies the next day. Shortly before 7:00 p.m., the father went to pick her up to take her home. He called the intercom. The girl descended the 17 steps that separate the second floor where her grandparents live from the first floor where Juan Francisco had settled. The man lived in China, but had moved to Spain, alerted by his sisters, because his mother was dying. He died, in fact, the next day.

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Laia never made it out of the apartment building alive. The father began to get nervous. “I looked out onto the balcony and saw that Laia hadn’t come out. I told my son, but he went to find the girl at home. He did not find it. We ran down the stairs, we started looking for the girl, ”said the minor’s grandmother. In the end, two uncles of the minor joined the search, asked the neighbors … And they detected a suspicious attitude in the neighbor of the 1st 1st. They broke into the floor. And they saw the minor dead, with a dog collar around her neck, under a mattress. The local police took the man away and “saved him from a public lynching,” the prosecutor admitted in the trial, while Juan Francisco listened without making a single gesture, guarded on the bench by two Mossos d’Esquadra agents .

“I am not asking you for empathy, but I am asking you to put yourself in your mind,” Lopez’s lawyer has exhorted the jury, asking that he be sentenced to only three years in prison for reckless murder. “Did you consider murdering a girl? At no time, “said the lawyer, who has insisted that the man is” sincerely sorry “for what he did. Instead, the indictments request a reviewable permanent prison for murder and sexual assault. In the report prior to the first witness statements – the defendant’s grandmother and sisters, who have explained their problems with drugs – the family lawyer, Juan Carlos Zayas, has addressed the nine citizens who make up the popular jury. so that they form a rigorous conviction: “Despite everything that may appear in the press, you will know more than anyone, you will have a much more exact knowledge of what happened than any journalist.”

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