The Congress did not find Trump’s links with Russia, but will continue to “hunt for witches”

The Congress did not find Trump’s links with Russia, but will continue to
 “hunt for witches”

MOSCOW, March 13 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. The US Congressional Intelligence Committee did not find evidence of a “collusion” between President Donald Trump’s team and Russia during the 2016 presidential election. This conclusion inspires “moderate” optimism and gives hope that the US is starting to get out of the “dead end”, where the “witch-hunt” is driving the country, but it’s too early to talk about ending it and normalizing relations, according to experts interviewed by RIA Novosti.
Trump commented on the end of the investigation of his relations with Russia President Trump himself made it clear that he was pleased with the conclusions of the committee controlled by his party members. However, the sharp criticism of the findings of the Democrats investigation shows that Trump only won the battle – before the final triumph over the opponents, he must achieve similar decisions in the Senate and special prosecutor Robert Mueller. The conspiracy was not
The main conclusion of the committee of the House of Representatives was the recognition that they could not find evidence of collusion between the election headquarters, as well as associates of Trump and Moscow. It is “collusion” with the Russians that is one of the main directions of both official investigations of Mueller and Congress, as well as numerous journalistic researches. If it is proved, Trump can face the most serious consequences, first of all, impeachment.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the categorical statement of the intelligence committee received a serious response. Republican Mike Conway, who headed the work of the committee since April 2017, declared: “We did not find evidence of collusion, we found, perhaps, not very accurate assessments, inappropriate meetings, incorrect decisions to participate in such meetings … We could not come to the same conclusion that the CIA, that they (Russian – ed.) Somehow especially wanted to help Trump. ”
The “American Century” has died. He was killed by Putin As follows from the statement, the congressmen considered that the contacts of the representatives of the Trump team with the Russians, who received such close media coverage, were only “inappropriate” meetings, the Republicans were described as “infidels”. At the same time, the Republicans believe that there has been activity on the part of the Russian Federation aimed at introducing confusion into the election process. Nevertheless, for Trump, this conclusion, which is understandable, is not so fundamental in nature, therefore he reacted quite emotionally. The president published a Twitter entry dedicated to this, which simply stated the fact, but was completely written in capital letters.
“The House of Representatives Committee, after 14 months of a long and scrupulous investigation, found no evidence of a connection or interaction between Trump, between the Trump campaign and Russia in terms of influencing the presidential election-2016,” he wrote.

Democrats disagree
Why Trump’s Revolution Is Doomed to Failure Leading Democrat in the House of Representatives Committee of the US Congress on Intelligence Adam Schiff criticized the decision of fellow Republicans who, in the opinion of the Democrats, put “the interests of defending the president above the interests of defending the country.” He accused the Republicans of not wanting to call some witnesses and see facts that Schiff believed could shed light on the situation. “They did not want to demand documents such as telephone conversations, text messages, bank statements and other key records so that we could learn the truth about the most significant attack in history on our democratic institutions,” the Democrat said.
At the same time, according to the Republicans, they got acquainted with 300 thousand documents and interviewed 73 witnesses. Democrats also reserve the right to disagree with the conclusions of the majority, but they can still accept the final document, taking advantage of the numerical advantage. In this case, the “loser” will have to be content with criticizing the “winners” and publishing alternative conclusions, but not on behalf of the committee.
Clinton called Trump to protect the US from “still-running” Russians Reservedly reacted to the decision of the Republicans and the US intelligence community. which last year stated that Moscow was allegedly pursuing the goal of “undermining the people’s faith in American democracy, denigrating Hillary Clinton, damaging her presidential campaign and preventing her from winning a potential election,” and “preferred” the election of Trump. Republicans in their report state that they agree with the assessment of the intelligence community in the last paragraph. Representative of the Director of National Intelligence Brian Hale said that they continue to work on their own and study the findings of the committee. Among other conclusions and recommendations of the Republicans is the statement that there was an attempt to use foreign sources of information from the side of the Clinton campaign, as well as “tough” recommendations to combat leakage of secret information in the media. Republicans expressed concern about the “problematic” ties between representatives of the intelligence community and the media. In general, the report contains 25 recommendations to Congress and the executive on improving the security of elections, responding to cyber attacks, transparency of campaign financing.
Moderate optimism
Who is involved in what? The dictionary knows what Trump, Russia and Weinstein did The program director of the Russian Council for International Affairs (INF) Ivan Timofeev believes that the conclusions of the House of Representatives Committee are inspired by “moderate optimism.” According to him, the United States began to get tired of the topic of alleged interference by Russia in the election process. “The very fact that this issue is gradually turning into a more pragmatic channel, he still causes moderate optimism, because it’s simply impossible to endlessly pester the same topic, I think that they get tired of it in the US,” said Timofeev RIA Novosti.
At the same time, the expert stressed that the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller has not yet been completed, and there is a possibility of continuing speculation on the topic of Russian “interference”. “Müller’s investigation has not been completed yet, because several investigations are underway (on Russian interference, ed.) And, of course, there is still a possibility that speculation on this topic will continue,” the source said.
According to Timofeev, if the level of hysteria on the issue of Russia’s “interference” decreases in the United States, then it will be easier to discuss many issues with Moscow and Washington. However, he recalled that in addition to this topic, there are a number of other complex issues in the relations between the Russian Federation and the United States.
“They work that way.” Americanist about threats to strengthen sanctions against Russia “Of course, if our relations are not subject to the degree of hysteria that was in the last year, it will be easier to discuss the issues that make up our common interests, our common threats, and build a dialogue of strategic stability, although the conditions are still difficult now” , – the interlocutor of the agency said. “Well, apart from the so-called” interference, “there are still a number of complex issues, such as our differences over the Syrian issue, our differences on strategic stability, our differences naturally on Ukraine’s issues.” And without the so-called “interference” problems that need to be addressed, “the expert added.
It’s time to stop the locomotive
Expert on “Russian business”: Americans are getting out of the impasse Igor Pshenichnikov, expert of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS), also reacted with restrained optimism to the conclusions of the Republicans. “The fact that they today recognized that there was no Russian interference was, first, doing them honor, and secondly, that they have not yet completely lost their mind. the corner from which there was no way out. And the only way out of this impasse was the recognition that Russia did not interfere in these elections, “RIA Novosti Pshenichnikov said.
In his view, the further escalation of hysteria around the so-called “interference” of Russia could lead Moscow and Washington’s relations to such a stalemate, from which there could be only one way out, unacceptable for either side – the war. “I think that the Americans realized that it’s time to stop their locomotive, which rushes into a dead end, into the abyss,” the expert added.
As Pshenichnikov noted, the decision of the Republicans “may be evidence of a small hope that, perhaps, the Americans are ready to respond to our appeals.”
The US Embassy compared the “Russian case” to a spy novel “The ball is on the side of the Americans: Russia has repeatedly stated, both by the President and the Foreign Minister, that we are ready for dialogue on the widest range of issues, moreover, we called for stopping this hysteria and going to the negotiating table. from the impasse into which they have driven themselves, “the political scientist concluded. Accusations against the Russian authorities about the alleged interference of the Russian Federation in the US presidential election in 2016 have sounded regularly over the past year and a half. The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov called these accusations “absolutely unsubstantiated,” and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointed out that there are no facts supporting this.

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