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The Constitutional rejects two appeals of protection of Jordi Snchez with two particular votes




They consider that their fundamental rights were not violated when they were in preventive detention and were prevented from going to the Parliament.

The former president of the ANC, Jordi Snchez, at a time of his declaration in the trial of the 'procs'.

The Plenary of the Constitutional Court has dismissed this Wednesday two appeals filed by the former president of the ANC, Jordi Snchez, against the situation of preventive detention and the denial of an extraordinary release permit by the Supreme Court to attend the session of the Parlament to defend his investiture as president of the Generalitat de Catalua.

According to legal sources, the guarantee court has dismissed both appeals by not assessing violation of fundamental rights against the one convicted by theprocsto nine years of jail for a crime of issue.

The sentences, however, will not be unanimous, since the progressive judges have announced the formulation of particular votesFernando ValdsYJuan Antonio Xiol, who already spoke favorably about the political rights of the ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, at the end of 2019.

The magistrateMara Luisa Balaguer-which made a particular vote in the case of Junqueras- has not attended the plenary session on Thursday due to illness, explained the sources consulted. The presentations of the resolutions on Snchez have corresponded to the magistratesAlfredo MontoyaYCndido Count-Pumpido.

In the case of Montoya, he has been the draftsman of the appeal against preventive detention, while the former attorney general of the State was given the paper against the denial of the extraordinary prison leave.

In both sentences, it is argued that the application of the provisional prison measure applied to the independence leader has respected the constitutional requirements of the principles of proportionality and legality established by the Constitution.

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