Mexico City.- Currently, there are more than twenty contraceptive methods, but only two are designed for the male reproductive organ: the condom and vasectomy. This could eventually change in the next few years with the marketing in pharmacies of the DMAU men's pill, or dimendrolone undecanoate, which would block sperm production and, therefore, also prevent pregnancy. Two scientists from the University of Wolverhampton, in The United Kingdom, published in 2016 the results of a study that demonstrated the possibility of controlling the movement of sperm, as well as its fertility. That same year, however, the trial of the first male contraceptive pill was interrupted by side effects such as acne or mood swings, all of which were also related, on the other hand, to the women's pill. But now, the new DMAU pill could be a revolution in birth control methods. The most widespread at present, in addition to the male condom, are those that the woman must take: the IUD, the vaginal ring, the hormonal patches, the female condoms and, of course, the combined oral pill. The male version would take away the social pressure on women to be responsible for family planning. The tests to which the DMAU has been subjected have obtained very positive results, with only a few contraindications that do not differ much from the side effects that also have some female contraceptive methods. The men who offered to undergo the study gained weight and their HDA cholesterol levels decreased. However, they did not affect other vital organs such as the liver or kidneys. Before reaching this point, science has also tried other methods of contraception for men who have had more or less success. Testosterone injections will not only increase muscle mass, but also prevent pregnancy in female partners. Another alternative would be a topical gel that would stop the production of sperm for a certain time, while the gold implant would kill them. Even a unisex pill has been developed. But this is not the most curious, but the fact that it would be made from a component found in fruits such as mango, olives or grapes called lupeol. In any case, it seems that little by little the scientific developments are advancing at the same pace that society does towards an egalitarian world between men and women. Contraception should not be exclusively feminine.

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