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Burial of Fatima, this Tuesday in Mexico City. REUTERS

Since the arrest of the alleged murderers of the Fatima girl in Mexico on Wednesday, the case has been involved in a heavy haze, the result of doubts about that precise moment, the arrest. The lack of details, the contradictions between the prosecutor’s office and the police of the capital and the pressure to solve the last horrible crime that society attends draw an uncertain picture. And more taking into account the very high rates of impunity that the country registers.

This Thursday, the Prosecutor’s Office of Mexico City released a statement informing that on Wednesday, police from Isidro Fabela, in the State of Mexico, attached to the capital, “located” the homicidal couple, a man and a woman , in a community of the municipality. The agents came to the place accompanied by elements of the state police. Once there “they interviewed the people referred to and could establish that they could correspond to those sought by capital authorities; at that time the couple offered money to the uniformed in order to be allowed to leave the place. It was the attempted bribe that caused the couple’s apprehension. Not the crime.

This last aspect has raised more than one eyebrow in the capital. On Wednesday night, the authorities lacked the judge’s permission to detain the alleged murderers and only detained them after their offer.

The prosecutor’s statement does not explain how the agents saw the couple, how the interview began, whether or not the agents entered the house where the couple was, if they saw them on the street. Although they seem unimportant details, all this is relevant, because some ruling could cause a judge to declare the detention illegal. Questioned in this regard by THE COUNTRY, a spokesman for the prosecution has said that for now they have not “given the detail.”

Hours after the prosecution released the statement, the capital’s police chief, Omar García Harfuch, has granted a long interview to the radio program Atando Cabos. García Harfuch has acted as spokesman for the Government of the capital for this case. Unlike the statement, the official said that “the first respondents were the municipal police [de Isidro Fabela], supported by the National Guard (…) They are the ones who detain people and that is why they are stopped by bribery. These people offered between 5,000 and 10,000 pesos. ”

García Harfuch does not talk about any interviews between the agents and the detainees and says that the municipal police were accompanied by the National Guard, not the state police.

Javier Cruz Angulo, a professor at CIDE, a public study center, a leading legal researcher, believes that “the Government of Mexico City is obliged to explain how this interview was conducted. If they don’t explain this piece of history, it would be worrisome. ” If the interview had not occurred or the agents had entered the house without permission, the judge could have trouble keeping the alleged murderers in jail. “If the data cannot be clarified, we have a serious problem, characteristic of the authorities,” adds Angulo. “And that ends up creating a problem for the judge. Because that’s why you destroy the entire capture. And we just saw the shame that the federal prosecutor and the city prosecutor have spent with El Lunares, ”he reasons.

Angulo refers to Óscar Flores, alleged leader of a criminal group in the city, who was about to be free twice in recent weeks, after the judge considered insufficient investigations by prosecutors, the federal first and that of the capital later. Only the third have managed to get the judge to accept their arguments.

24 key hours

The girl Fatima Aldrighetti disappeared on February 11. I had seven years old. A woman took her from school before her mother went looking for her. The mother said later that it had taken 11 minutes to pick her up at the school where she studied. Security cameras pick up the moment when the woman takes the girl by the hand. A first lack of part of the school, which let Fatima go with a stranger.

Not finding Fatima, the family went to the headquarters of the prosecutor’s office in Tláhuac, in the south of the capital, but the authorities did not open a file. officials claimed that they had to wait 72 hours after the disappearance. This institution received criticism for having delayed the investigation for 24 key hours.

On the 12th, Fatima’s mother went to the Prosecutor’s Office specialized in the search for people, where they finally took her statement and opened an investigation. It was three days later, on the 14th, when public security officers of the capital began to make tours in the area where the woman walked with the girl.

On Saturday 15, the local police found the remains of Fatima inside a plastic bag. The prosecution then activated the protocol to investigate the case as a femicide. Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of the capital, described Monday the actions of the authorities in this case as a “chain of institutional negligence”.

On Tuesday night, prosecutor investigators and local police searched a house in the San Felipe neighborhood, southeast of the capital, where they allegedly took Fatima after her kidnapping. The authorities reported that they found clothes of the woman who had taken Fatima. Garments he had worn the day he kidnapped the girl. They also found the child’s shoes, as well as identity documents and photographs. In that way, the authorities identified the alleged perpetrators of the murder of the girl, the woman who took her and her husband. She is called Gladys Giovana Cruz Hernández and her husband, Mario Alberto Reyes Nájera. The prosecution had offered a reward of two million pesos ($ 106,000) for those who gave information on the whereabouts of Cruz Hernández.

On the radio this Thursday, García Harfuch explained that after the search they realized that the couple was in “three possible locations, one in Puebla and two in the State of Mexico.” Then, he said, on Wednesday morning, they confirmed that they were in one of the locations in the State of Mexico. “We sent an investigation cell and at 1 in the afternoon we already had the domicile under surveillance. We maintained vigilance and were in coordination with the prosecution, the anti-kidnap prosecution and the Investigation Police of the prosecution for detention. ” Later a complaint came to the prosecution, which confirmed the location. And then another complaint still comes and that is when the municipal police intervene with the National Guard and detain these people.

Late Thursday, the authorities in Mexico City still did not have permission from the judge to detain the couple for the crime of the Fatima girl. The defendants remain imprisoned for the alleged bribery of the police officers who arrested them.



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