The CGT federation of Commerce and Services has just brought a complaint against the Ministry of Labor and against the Carrefour group for endangering the lives of others, in particular following the death of the Covid-19 suites from a cashier at Carrefour. Does the government have any responsibility for the death of this employee who continued her work and who was not protected as it should be?
Guest of RTL, the Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy and Finance Agnès Pannier-Runacher declared not wanting to “enter the controversy” by declaring that the latter was “inappropriate”. “I will first tell his family and all the families of victims of the coronavirus, that we are totally committed to this fight against a virus for which we have no treatment today,” she said. asserted.

Agnès Pannier-Runacher did not consider that the protections to protect the staff were put in place with delay. “I think the bottom line is that we are working to put these protections in place, and they have been taken very seriously, whether by brands like Carrefour or by others. When you install plexiglass panes as was the case in stores, you effectively protect checkout personnel. There is a lot of work that is being done by the Ministry of Labor with Occupational Medicine and with the Directorate of Health to define these protocols, “she said.

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