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Football matches may be played again at King Power Stadium, but the reopening of the United Kingdom has gone wrong in the English city of Leicester, whose football team bears the same name.

Britain’s Interior Minister Priti Patel is now warning that the government may have to quarantine the entire city – with some 340,000 people – following a massive increase in the number of coronas infected in recent times, the BBC reports.

“With local outbreaks, local solutions are right,” Patel told the British broadcaster.

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“Perfect storm”

Since the corona pandemic seriously plagued the British Archipelago in March, Leicester has registered just under 2,500 cases of coronation, but it is not the total number that worries local and central government in the country – it is when the infection occurred.

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Nearly 25 percent – about 660 cases – of the 2,500 cases were detected in the first two weeks of June.

“It’s a perfect storm,” Claudia Webbe, who represents Leicester’s residents of the Lower House – the British Parliament – told the BBC.

She asks the government to seize and quarantine the entire city and shut it down.

– I don’t know why they don’t. The evidence suggests it should have been done, Webbe says.

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Move out

British tabloid press has in recent days wondered whether a shutdown could be introduced in a few days, as a result of the new figures.

On Saturday, the city’s mayor, Peter Soulsby, came out and wanted to speculate.

“There is no point,” he told local newspaper Leicester Mercury.

“We know that the number of hospital closures is declining and fortunately so is the number of deaths,” he added.

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New numbers

The figures now published should have been available earlier, but the data was delayed and did not reach authorities until Thursday.

Local health authorities in Leicester are now working on analysis of the figures, Soulsby told the BBC.

– After asking for the numbers for many weeks, we have now received them and analyzed them this weekend. Hopefully, we will know early in the week whether we have a problem and if we have it, where it is, says the mayor.

Already, the North Evington area of ​​Leicester has been identified as an area where the outbreak of infection has increased especially in strength. The area is described by the BBC as a densely populated former industrial area with many different ethnic minorities, and thus a good picture of the rest of the city.

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