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On the pandemic of the new coronavirus, many allegations had circulated and continue to circulate on the web concerning people likely to catch the virus. In a study carried out by scientists, the results of which were published this week, some blood groups, compared to others, are likely to be affected by the virus and have complications.

According to a first study, conducted in Canada on 95 patients with the virus and hospitalized, scientists found that patients with blood groups O or B spent fewer days in intensive care, 4.5 days on average, than patients of other type A or AB blood groups.

O or B blood groups

Also, patients with blood groups A or AB often need a ventilator or dialysis more than those with groups O or B. ” Patients of these two blood groups may be at increased risk of organ dysfunction or damage from COVID-19 than people with blood group O or B The researcher group said.

The second study was carried out in Denmark by a team of researchers on half a million people tested for the coronavirus between the end of February and the end of July. Of these tests, 4,600 were positive. The study also revealed that people with blood type O have less risk of Covid-19. ” Blood group O is significantly associated with reduced sensitivity The researchers said.

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